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Saturday, October 09, 2010

Game day and visitors!

Gigi and Pops came into town today! Abby was so excited to talk to them this morning and realize that today was the day they were coming to visit. 
In addition to Gigi and Pops, we got a surprise knock at the door about an hour and a half before  they were gonna get here. Abby heard the door and asked if it was Gigi - I told her it wasn't opened the door and Uncle Jeremy and his friend were here. Abby was so excited she could barely even say hi. She ran around the house in her excitement then outside to the swing set. Jeremy obliged her and went outside to play on the swing set with her. Boy did that make Micah upset once he was done with his lunch and wasn't outside with everyone! We did join them once he was cleaned up, redressed (he eats shirtless to avoid triple the laundry every day!) and put shoes on. Abby was so excited all day long that Uncle Jeremy was here - she monopolized his and Jackie's attention all day. I think Gigi was getting a tad jealous - but she'll get her day tomorrow. I told her she should have beat Jeremy here if she wanted the attention today! 
Gigi and Pops brought game day attire to everyone! Can't have enough purple and gold around here! Micah got his very first LSU jersey. I'm sure Beau hopes not his last! (You know every dad wants to see their little boy play football!) 
Then after watching some football and taking a nice bath after all the hard playing this afternoon we wound down by reading some books before bed. 
After the little ones were finally asleep Gigi, Pops and I watched the super intense end to the LSU. Whew that was yet another close call 4th quarter. Now we are 6-0 and possibly the luckiest 6-0 team there ever has been! 

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