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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

future golfer?

Gigi and Pops were in town for the long holiday weekend. We had lots of fun hanging out with them all weekend long. On Monday we headed out to the golf shop for Pops. Both kids loved it. The putters to play with, the basket full of golf balls that Abby carried around the store, the driver covers to turn into puppets - all of it made for lots of fun for little ones. Maybe not so much fun for the serious golfers to hear Micah go 'squeak, squeak, squeak' around the store in his squeaky shoes but he was happy. Think he'll enjoy golf once he gets older? I know Pops would enjoy that! 

Then Monday night the mentor from my mentoring moms group invited us all to dinner at the California Pizza Kitchen. I was able to leave the kiddos with Beau and my parents and enjoy some wonderful fellowship with both old and new friends. It was such an enjoyable evening and it was wonderful to have the opportunity to fellowship and know the kids were having a blast with Gigi and Pops as well as their daddy. I'm loving all these girls nights that I've been able to have lately. 

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