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Thursday, October 07, 2010


Beau was home yesterday so we were splitting the house up and he was cleaning the mess from the two little hurricanes that went through the living room and I was tackling our room and putting away laundry. 
After nap I brought the vacuum into the master bedroom and went about picking up everything off the floor in preparation for vacuuming. That includes putting the children on the bed so they are out the way. 
My cleaning strategy the past couple weeks has been that I like to do a couple chores a day and also like to have one room like mostly fully cleaned at the end of the day and we rotate through which room that might be. With Abby in preschool the past month it's been easier to accomplish this with just my little helper at home so by the time we pick up Abby it's mostly done and we just have to not destroy that room before bedtime. 

Now I won't ever claim to be the best housekeeper. In fact I dream of the day I could maybe get a maid every other week or so... but that's not likely to happen anytime soon. I know that I would much rather go to the gym, do arts and crafts projects, play outside, run errands (most days) than clean. The cleaning gets done eventually but in small doses not usually in big giant let's clean the whole house spotless. If Beau has a couple days off in a row the house usually gets cleaner than weeks he has his days off scattered because he'll have the energy and we can divide and conquer and clean some areas without the little ones underfoot. 

I'm starting to doubt my methods though. As Abby was on the bed watching me start vacuuming she started the following conversation: 

Abby: "Is Gigi coming tonight?"
Me: "No why?"
Abby: "Then why are we cleaning?"

Apparently Abby now thinks we only clean when Gigi is coming into town. Eek. Does this qualify me as worst housekeeper ever that my daughter now thinks we only clean when Gigi comes to town? Has one month of cleaning while she is in preschool made her forget about all the times we cleaned while she was home? I guess I better make her clean more often now so she doesn't think we only clean when someone is coming into town. 

What are your cleaning habits? Do you throughly clean often or only when guests are coming into town? Do you do it in little sections/rooms/tasks or tackle a lot in one day?

I supposed in the interest of full disclosure I should state that Gigi and Pops are in fact coming to town. They just weren't coming yesterday - they are coming in on Saturday. So Abby wasn't far off from the truth. :


1 comment :

Unknown said...

First: I LOVE the Oreck vacuum. If we had enough money (and carpet), that would be my dream vacuum. My parents have one and I've asked several times to take it off their hands. They have all tile. But they dont' want to part with it.

Second: I, too, put Audrey on the bed so I can clean the floor or whatnot.

Third: cleaning routines ... we're struggling with this lately. Josh is REALLY good at keeping the house picked up throughout teh week. We pick up Audrey's toys daily, and she is starting to help us. The kids are in charge of their own rooms. But scrubbing and dusting and really getting the detail work is slipping away. It's hard with such a big house and so much space.

We can at least count on the kitchen being done daily.

But those floors ... man they collect so much dust and crumbs and hair. I love the hard wood, but sometimes miss the simplicity of vacuuming the carpet.