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Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Yesterday my little loves and I enjoyed the fall weather all evening long. I was blessed with a break from cooking and cleaning while my sweet husband not only cooked dinner but also spotlessly cleaned the kitchen while doing so. So we headed outside to stay out of the way and soak in the beautiful weather. 
I moved the car to the very end of the driveway and parked it at a diagonal to give us the most driveway space possible so Abby could ride her bike around the drive way. Micah and I took out the chalk. He loves to draw with chalk spill the box and pick it back up again. He will draw a few little lines then he's off to spill and pick up again - either way he loves playing with the chalk! 
After Abby finished riding her bike she joined in and wanted to draw as well. 
We drew a hopscotch and Abby hopped her way through it many times. 

We certainly had no shortage of chalk dust that had to be washed off hands for dinner and washed off the rest of the little ones before bed! 
Chalk may be one of my least favorite things to play with because I really don't like the way it feels on my hands but for the happiness it brought my little ones all evening long we'll draw with chalk as often as my little loves want. 

Next time we'll just make sure to put on some bug spray because with the nice fall weather (by fall I clearly mean not so blazing hot you are miserable and soaked in sweat after 5 minutes) comes back the mosquitoes. 


Unknown said...

ooooh .... sidewalk chalk!!! What a GREAT idea. I wonder if Audrey would play with that.

Kim said...

Sidewalk chalk is so much fun! I'm loving the weather these days, too. It's nice to be able to actually go outside - haha!

Lovely pics!!