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Saturday, October 09, 2010

{candy corn pumpkin}

I still have this marshmallow Easter egg craft hanging on the side of the fridge. About once a week, maybe a little more often Abby will ask about doing another craft like it - or at least ask about eating some marshmallows like we used in that craft. So when my friend Stephanie told me about this candy corn pumpkin craft she had done with her boys I knew it was something Abby would love to do. 

- construction paper cut into a pumpkin with stem
- glue
- dried spilt peas 
- dried black beans
- candy corn

I set out the cut out pumpkins on the table and set out a bowl of dried peas for both Abby and Micah. Then we put some glue on the stem and Abby went to town covering her stem with the dried peas. Micah on the other hand tried to eat them first. I don't blame him - I did put them in a bowl I sometimes use to give him yogurt in. He got the hang out it with a little help. 

Once the stem was covered I drew a face on the pumpkins with glue and we switched to using the black beans to make the pumpkin face with. 

Finally came the best part - covering the rest of the pumpkin with some candy corn. This of course involved some eating of the candy corn before we could glue a bunch of candy onto the pumpkin. 
This was a fun easy craft to do - though maybe not quite as easy with a 17 month old who would rather eat things that look like food than glue them onto the pumpkin but it was fun none the less! 

(And no you aren't imagining things the chairs are on the table - I'd been planning on mopping for two days but hadn't gotten it done yet so the chairs were up in anticipation of mopping. The floor is now clean and the chairs are off the table.) 

1 comment :

Kim said...

I LOVE THIS!! Totally stealing this at some point - LOL!

BTW, Abbie & Micah just keep getting cuter and cuter!