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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Today was my birthday! We started with some yummy cinnamon rolls that I had rolled out yesterday. (Recipe from the Pioneer Woman) I made the full recipe and put 6 (yes 6 trays!) trays in the freezer for the holidays. Some for Thanksgiving and some for Christmas - they really aren't that far away and I figured it would be easier to make a batch one than half a batch twice. 
They are delicious - and a wonderful birthday breakfast!
Of course it probably would have been easier to make a bunch of cinnamon rolls if I hadn't also been making cupcakes in the same day. Though those weren't too bad to make (if you don't count the two extra trips to the store I had to make because while I knew we had the ingredients I didn't realize we didn't have enough of a couple of them! Oops!) These are S'mores cupcakes from Annie's Eats. I'm sure Beau and my inlaws can surely say that we love some s'mores around here as we made them several times over the summer so I thought they were a great choice to make. I made the cupcakes for potluck with the ladies I work with in Bibleland during the ladies Bible studies. This was a good thing so that I don't have all the cupcakes sitting around the house but we still get to enjoy a couple! 

This evening Beau planned a fun evening for me. We started with a cheese fondue appetizer at home. Yum!  
Then we dropped the kids off at grandma and grandpas (which they love - I don't think either one notices we are gone and Micah had been asleep for an hour when we got back - they wore him out!) We headed to a movie and saw Life As We Know it which was enjoyable. We practically had the theater to ourselves as well. Finally we went out to a nice dinner then back to pick up the kids to take them home to bed. All in all a great birthday! 

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