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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat

This evening we went..... wait for it... yup I'm sure you've guessed it... trick or treating! We went to Grandma and Grandpa's neighborhood (it's become a tradition I think!) because our neighborhood seems to go all out - one house builds a haunted house and lots of them decorate and I just think it might be too scary for Abby and Micah. I don't want to ruin the fun part of Halloween and give them something to be scared about. Grandma and Grandpa's neighborhood is much less of the scary stuff and more just cool pumpkins. One house did have halloween music going and one had dry ice to make a cool misty effect but none of it was too scary.

We got to Grandma and Grandpa's a little early since the kids were getting restless at home and we spent some time playing in the back yard. Can you see 2 of Micah's 2 and 1/2 teeth? 
We headed out front to see if anyone was out trick or treating yet. Micah found a seat on a pumpkin.
Abby picked a few acorns to put in her treat bag. This girl loves some acorns! She didn't want to be a superhero today. Instead she wanted to be a super skeleton - so we went with it. She still looked adorable! I overheard her tell Grandpa that "I told mommy I wanted to be a ghost but..." however I don't  think I ever heard her say that. I remember her saying she wanted to be a giraffe - until she saw the giraffe costume and that it didn't have a long neck. Then she wanted to be a "stinky skunk," then it was a horse costume that had suspenders so it looked like you were riding the horse that she saw at Target. So she had lots of ideas about what she wanted to be. She was happy with her super skeleton though.
 Micah looked so adorable in his cape (both wonderful capes made by Gigi!) and superhero shirt.

Then we were off to trick or treat. Micah followed Abby's lead and held on to his trick or treat bag just like she did and took off squeaking (in his squeaky shoes) down the side walk.
Micah invited himself right in to the first house we went to - he went straight for the puppy dog. Good thing it was one of the neighbors that Grandma and Grandpa are good friends with. It was pretty much the same this year as the previous two years where Abby is perfectly happy just trick or treating for houses with puppies. Both kids were totally thrilled whenever the house would have a dog they could love on. There were quite a few puppies to love on along the way so they were happy little trick or treaters. 
I think Micah might have enjoyed trick or treating even more than Abby did this year. He really got the hang of it - especially for an 18 month old. He walked along for a good long ways for such a little guy and would gladly hold out his treat bag for candy. When we got 1/2 way around the loop of the neighborhood I started carrying him between houses and whenever we got to a house that was giving out candy he'd wiggle to get down, get his treat bag ready and walk happily up to the door. Abby got tired about 2/3rds of the way through the loop and was ready to head back but it was quicker to continue around but Micah was quite content to keep going! Micah's bucket was a little smaller than Abby's but he managed to fill it twice. Good thing I thought ahead to bring along an extra bag to hold his candy in (I had brought it because I was worried he either try to eat all his candy or start spilling it all out - which he actually did very little of either of those. He did try to eat a couple pieces but would always put them back in his bucket when I'd put him down to go up to the next house.) He was the happiest little boy when we got back to the Grandparents house and he got to eat one of his candies. He picked a bag of M&Ms and was so cute while gobbling them up!

I think this might have been my favorite year trick or treating so far because of how much Micah really enjoyed it. Abby has been shy and not as in to trick or treating in previous years. This year she enjoyed it more than previous years but tired of it early. I only wish Daddy could have been with us to enjoy it as well.

Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone is having a good halloween so far! I'm thinking this might be the last year I don't have to hear 'is it time to trick-or-treat yet?' Next year Abby will probably remember (her memory is excellent!) and know what kind of activities we do on Halloween! 
We went to Church this morning then stopped at HEB for a rotisserie chicken for lunch. In my opinion not much beats a rotisserie chicken for a quick, yummy pretty healthy lunch! Micah - my fruit and veggie loving baby - gobbled the chicken up! I think he ate at least as much as Abby did! He barely even touched his broccoli - usually one of his favorite things to eat. 

Speaking of Abby's memory - she is very proud that she can recite her memory verse for the month of October. "Be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid." Deuteronomy 31:6  Next week we'll start working on a new verse. 

Saturday, October 30, 2010

{pumpkin carving}

Yesterday evening we finally got around to carving the pumpkin. We couldn't find the carving kit we'd used the past couple years and since the printer still doesn't want to print we got a new pumpkin carving kit (Goodness it's so much easier with those than knives - and they are cheap! Don't I sound like I did some of the carving by saying that? Ha - I just took pictures!)

First the top had to come off to take the insides out. 

Last year Abby didn't want anything to do with this process but this year she was all into it. They carved a pumpkin earlier yesterday in her preschool class so this was her second carving experience in one day and she was ready to dig in!
Then the design template was placed on the pumpkin and they used the crayon to trace the design on to the pumpkin.
 Then Beau sawed out the face of the pumpkin.
 And volia - finished jack-o-latern! I don't think this is Beau's favorite pumpkin he's done. I think his Obama pumpkin two years ago (that I can't seem to find a picture of uh-oh!) or his skull and cross bones from last year would rank higher and were a bit more difficult. However I really like that Abby got into the carving this year and I like the simplicity of the pumpkin they carved this year.

Did ya'll carve pumpkins this year? Do you do the traditional jack-o-latern or something more complicated? Do the kids get into it or do they not want to touch the pumpkin guts?

Friday, October 29, 2010

preschool halloween parade and party

Today was Abby's first ever school party. Everyone was invited to wear their costumes to school today. Abby wasn't super thrilled with me taking her picture -  but she was excited to wear her costume despite the face she is making! (Fabulous cape made by my mom! The kids love them but rarely stand still enough for me to get a good picture of them in them! Hoping to get some good ones of them on Halloween!)
The morning started with a parade of all the classes in front of the parents so the kids could 'trick-or-treat' and show off their costumes. Abby took some time to warm up to the parade - it was a little overwhelming with all the parents sitting around the upstairs and all the kids sitting with their classes in the middle. Lots of kids in costume and lots of noise - I don't blame her that's a lot to take in first thing in the morning! She got into it after a minute and was very happy to show off the candy she got when I said good-bye to her.
(color is a little off - not the greatest lighting :( ) 

Abby with her class - but she wouldn't look my way - too many cameras to choose from and too many other things to look at! 

Then in the afternoon I went back up to the school to put together the class party. I worked with two other mama's and we fixed up a nice lunch for the class (sandwiches cut into pumpkin shapes, fruit, chex mix and goldfish, apple juice with some fun pumpkin straws) Good thing they don't know any better and don't realize that some of the other classes planned more fun party food like pizza for their parties! After they were done eating Mrs. Ham read the class a story while we set up the crafts we had planned. Micah joined right in with the big kids to hear the story! Can you spy Abby? (Micah's pretty easy to spot!)
The kids did a handprint spider craft with black paint - which they seemed to enjoy - but I took no pictures of because I don't dare take a hand off Micah while paint is out! (Though you can kind of see them in the background of the picture!) Then we turned attention to cookie decorating! Yum! 

Then we cleaned up and headed home to let a very tired little man get a nap. I think Abby and the rest of the class had a great time at the party and I'm happy it seemed to go smoothly! 

halloween shirts {preview and semi-tutorial}

Tonight I made the final part of Abby and Micah's halloween costume. Abby gets to wear hers today to preschool and they'll have a parade in the morning and a party in the afternoon.

First I designed the shirts using the Silhouette program. However my printer decided to go berserk and have an imaginary paper jam that Beau couldn't fix so thankfully Grandma helped us out and I printed out the design on the iron on transfer paper on the printer at her house. Then after the kids went to bed I took the printed design and used the Silhouette cutter to cut around the designs to remove all the excess iron on transfer paper.

Then  I removed the excess iron-on that wasn't part of the design. It removes easily and perfectly from around the printed design because of how wonderfully the Silhouette cuts - it can read the registration marks printed on the paper so it knows exactly where to cut after you've printed out the design on to the paper. I placed the design on the shirt, covered with a kitchen towel and ironed it on to the shirt. 
Once the iron-ons had cooled off I peeled off the paper backing and voila. I had a little issue with the edges not coming up cleanly in some areas. On Abby's it's less visible and just little parts around the edge. Micah's had a little bigger issue in one corner but just in that one corner. 

I hope these will hold up a little better than the pumpkin shirts did. 

Thursday, October 28, 2010


I love it when babies sleep with their little bottoms up in the air - so sweet! This is how Micah napped yesterday. Today he's currently sleeping cuddled with his valentines puppy he got from Grandma and Grandpa. Since Abby sleeps with a stuffed animal, Micah has started sleeping with one as well (in addition to his blankie most days.)

Today we are having a low key, house cleaning day. I'm working on getting chores done around the house (like folding and putting away the million loads of laundry I've done over the past week.) Micah isn't too helpful in that process as he likes to take things out of the basket or out of the piles of folded clothes so that they aren't folded any longer. He laughs and giggles and runs away while doing it so you can't get too upset since he's so cute while being so much trouble!

This afternoon after Beau (hopefully) convinces the printer that there is not in fact a paper jam and that it is okay to print what I ask it to print. I'm going to work on the final piece of the kids halloween costumes. I'm excited to share them with ya'll! Abby's been asking for days if this last piece to finish is done yet so she can wear it. Not too much longer little darling - she'll get to wear it tomorrow to preschool for their Halloween parade and party.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Just playing around and testing out my pretty new lens this afternoon! 
(Thanks Gigi and Pops!)

My darling daughter....

does not know how to keep a secret. Beau took her out shopping with him for my birthday. The next day after he was at work and we were busy making our cinnamon rolls and cupcakes Abby asks me if I want a present. This normally means that she is going to 'wrap' up something that we have around the house and give it to me. This particular day (Monday) she said it a little different. She said 'we forgot to give you your present.' Then she proceeded to tell me they were in the closet with the Christmas decorations. When I said no I didn't want it now and we should wait for Daddy she went ahead and spilled the beans. She said "but we got you something for your bracelet. It's a flamingo!" 
So she spilled the beans on the present from her. By from her I do mean she picked it out too! She picked out these two charms to add to my Brighton bracelet. This are likely not charms I would have picked out for myself but I do love that she picked them out for me. She's my sweet heart!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Today was my birthday! We started with some yummy cinnamon rolls that I had rolled out yesterday. (Recipe from the Pioneer Woman) I made the full recipe and put 6 (yes 6 trays!) trays in the freezer for the holidays. Some for Thanksgiving and some for Christmas - they really aren't that far away and I figured it would be easier to make a batch one than half a batch twice. 
They are delicious - and a wonderful birthday breakfast!
Of course it probably would have been easier to make a bunch of cinnamon rolls if I hadn't also been making cupcakes in the same day. Though those weren't too bad to make (if you don't count the two extra trips to the store I had to make because while I knew we had the ingredients I didn't realize we didn't have enough of a couple of them! Oops!) These are S'mores cupcakes from Annie's Eats. I'm sure Beau and my inlaws can surely say that we love some s'mores around here as we made them several times over the summer so I thought they were a great choice to make. I made the cupcakes for potluck with the ladies I work with in Bibleland during the ladies Bible studies. This was a good thing so that I don't have all the cupcakes sitting around the house but we still get to enjoy a couple! 

This evening Beau planned a fun evening for me. We started with a cheese fondue appetizer at home. Yum!  
Then we dropped the kids off at grandma and grandpas (which they love - I don't think either one notices we are gone and Micah had been asleep for an hour when we got back - they wore him out!) We headed to a movie and saw Life As We Know it which was enjoyable. We practically had the theater to ourselves as well. Finally we went out to a nice dinner then back to pick up the kids to take them home to bed. All in all a great birthday! 

Saturday, October 23, 2010

game day: LSU vs Auburn

Today we mostly spent a lazy day at home. Abby has a cough and she coughed all night and through the morning to the point where it caused her to throw up. My poor girly! We finished up our fall leaves craft (idea from my favorite craft blog Learn.Create.Love) that we started yesterday.  I managed to get a few pictures after I helped Micah glue his leaves on. 

Then once he was done he of course wanted to be in the center of everything. My little monkey. I think I need to take the green chairs away from the kitchen table because they are just too easy for him to climb up into and on to the table. He's usually trying to get the pumpkins from my pretty green bowl.
Abby enjoyed glueing her letters and leaves down while Micah and I cleaned up - well I cleaned and removed him from the table several times. 

{Materials: cardstock, pencil, paint, leaves, glue}

After naptime we settled in to play in the living room and watch the football game. Since neither child really wanted to eat lunch (Micah threw not one but two bowls of yogurt off his tray on to the floor today - guess he really didn't want it despite the 'yes' he responded when I asked him if he wanted some) we had an early dinner of pizza. That may negate my hard work I put in at bootcamp and body combat this week but it was yummy. I felt it was good football watching food - especially since Beau wasn't home to do something like burgers. Besides Tiger Stadium used to sell pizza so it's just like being at the game right? 
The outcome outcome of the game wasn't what we had hoped but we had a pretty good afternoon playing and semi-watching the game (I am a girl after all and was playing with two active kiddos!) Micah knew we were watching football and did his touchdown arms but never for the camera - I'll have to try and get him on video in two weeks when we play Alabama. 

Friday, October 22, 2010

Random Ramblings

Micah is getting his 3rd tooth. Yay! I spotted the troublesome tooth two days ago. It's starting to show through the gum. Finally my itty bitty almost 18 month old is finally getting some teeth. He got his two bottom teeth shortly after 16 months and is now adding his top right (his right) tooth. This of course meant this past two weeks have had some serious runny nose and of and on lack of sleeping. Then add in some coughing from the extra mucous in the runny nose. But at least he's getting teeth right? 

I've been busy this week working on planning Abby's first school party. When the sign up sheet went around the room at the meet the teacher day when it got around to me all that was left was the chairperson for each party (everyone wanted to just be the helper go figure!) So I decided to jump right in and be the chairperson for the halloween party. It hasn't been too bad the other mamas that I'm working with have great ideas and it's been pretty easy to plan. I think the kids will have a great time. They'll also have a parade around the building where the Church staff will pass out some candy. It used to be through the offices but they moved the offices to a different building right down the road to make more room for the Bibleland kids classes (we had so many kids they had to take over another wing to make room for them - I say that's a pretty good thing!) 

Abby also got the proofs for her very first set of class pictures last week. They turned out really cute! I'm excited to get the pictures in the next couple weeks. 

I've started working on my list of what to get for everyone for Christmas and I think I've got ideas for most everyone except for Abby. How is that possible? Besides the power wheels car I'm just not certain what to get her... Any ideas for a 4 year old girl? She's got Barbies and baby dolls. She loves playing with her animals and cars the most right now but has lots of those. 

We started this Fall craft today but haven't finished it yet since we did the painting close to dinner time and I had two tired kids that needed baths after dinner. We'll finish putting it together tomorrow since the paint will be dry. No in progress pictures of this one though as I needed full attention on Micah when it comes to paint! 

That certain 4 year old I was mentioning earlier was also up at 6:30 this morning, add to that an almost 18 month old who only took a 20 minute car nap today - this mama is tired and going to bed early tonight. Sorry no pictures today! Though I did spend some time today setting up an account with a photo lab that has some awesome die-cut cards that I'm super excited to do as Christmas cards this year. Yes I'm already thinking of Christmas cards. Now I just need to take a family photo - but I can't take it and be in it, don't have a tripod and even with a tripod would probably have a hard time doing the shoot myself so I'm going to have to think on that one... 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A short after ballet adventure

After ballet last week we went for a little adventure/nature walk. I thought I'd share a few pictures because they ended up being pretty cute! 

Of course in all things boys will be boys no matter how itty bitty they might be. 

And little ballerinas will be little ballerinas even on a nature walk. 

No matter if it meant digging in the dirt or twirling with our arms in high fifth position fun was had by all. 

Our short adventure had to come to a close though and we headed home until the next time.