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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

random ramblings

Beau was home this morning so after dropping Abby off at school Micah and Daddy shared an apple. This started with Beau trying to eat an apple and Micah wanting some and ended with Micah carrying around the apple until we got to the gym. There was just something cute about my itty bitty little boy with two tiny {but finally there!} teeth trying to eat a pretty big apple. 
After school Abby was wiped out! Wednesdays are extended days and she had stretch and grow during that last part of the day. When we got home she crashed in the big comfy chair for about 30 minutes before she was back to her silly rambunctious self. She had brought her furry fluffy friendly puppy that Grandma bought her last Sunday from the church bookstore to school today for her show and tell for the letter F. She loves her puppy. In bed the other day she had a whole pack of dogs - all of her beloved puppies where there - Lucky, bulldog, her new puppy, a little blue puppy we got from Ikea for .49 cents and pink puppy. 
Since Beau wasn't home for dinner we did a quick simple breakfast for dinner and had french toast and yogurt. Last night though I tried something new and also pretty simple. I tried out the Pioneer Woman's grilled chicken and pineapple quesadillas (without the jalapenos) 

Micah and I liked them. 

Abby however only wanted pineapple that she could see. Beau thought that the pineapple overwhelmed the flavors when you got a bite with pineapple in it. I on the other hand had decided to try these out because I was wanting some pineapple so I was pretty happy with the pineapple flavor. 

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