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Monday, September 20, 2010

random ramblings

It was mostly just another Monday here today. Nothing too special, Abby went to preschool and Micah didn't want to be at the gym so I skipped half my workout. I was still sore from Friday where I did body combat (kickboxing class) and bootcamp back to back. We did hit up Jamba to use a buy one get one free coupon I came across Saturday. (Beau was home this morning so we each got one and I shared with Micah) Micah thought that was pretty tasty. 
Didn't want to leave ya'll without a picture so this is from last month but I never posted it.

After lunch, nap/quiet time we headed out despite the dark rain clouds that were looming around. I wanted to check out TJ Maxx Home Goods because I'd seen a picture with a newborn in the prettiest bowl and I wanted to see if they had something like that at our store. They didn't have the same bowl but I did find a few good props plus ordered a cocoon online. I can't wait to try all these new props out on my friend Stephanie's new little one when he gets here. I've become a photography nut lately - reading, admiring, studying other photographers work to get inspiration for poses, props, techniques. I've got a wishlist going of things I'd eventually love to have in my possession - lenses, actions/presents for photoshop and lightroom {once I purchase of copy of lightroom - which is also on the list}, of course the camera bag I'm always trying to win, and various props I've seen that I'd love to find something similar too.  Now I think I need to get my kids out to a great location and take some new pictures of them as well. 

Oh and I entered Abby (and will do Micah too as soon as I get a shot of him that I want to enter) into a model contest for Oh Fiddlesticks  and once their pictures are up I'm going to nicely ask ya'll to please vote for them on facebook - but you'll have to be a fan of Oh Fiddlesticks first. They have some of the cutest shirts and are based in Austin. 

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