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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

random ramblings

Today was Abby's first extended day Wednesday so she was in school for an extra hour and a half today. That meant Micah and I had lots of time to play. We have a short amount of time between dropping Abby off at school and the start of the gym class I like to go to so we hit the park for a little while. 
Can you tell there have been lots of little finger prints on this plexi glass section? Micah and I played peek-a-boo through it. He loves to say "boo" now as he turns his head around anything that might just hide it a little. 
I then had a good workout at the gym and another type of workout with a 16 month old throwing a fit in the grocery store. He just decided he didn't want to be there - not so fun when you still have half the store you wanted to get through. The shopping trip was quickly wrapped up and we headed home for lunch. 

School really wears Abby out though at first she didn't want to leave, then she sprinted out to the slide leaving Micah and I behind... She was so excited to play with brother but a little rough typical of how she is after quiet time when she is excited he's finally awake. Hopefully as we adjust to the schedule she won't be quite as tired by school and we can have a little more pleasant afternoon. She wasn't bad, just had a little trouble listening and a little more wild than normal. 

Both kids were worn out by the day and were asleep by 7:15! That's early compared to 10:30 that Micah thought he needed to stay up to last night after his long nap! Early bedtime was nice for a change though it gave me a chance to (mostly) clean the kitchen and make some muffin batter for the morning before Beau got back from the gym. I'm thinking about trying out the cycling class in the morning - I've never tired it before so we'll see if we can get there in time - it's the first class in the morning. With the early bedtime the kids ought to be awake right? Our playdate was cancelled for tomorrow (hope you get some much deserved rest Stephanie!) so I'm not sure what we'll do after the gym - park or home to fold laundry? 

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