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Sunday, September 19, 2010

puddle jumping

Sundays are always a day I look forward too. For some it may be the last day of the weekend and not something to look forward too since the next day is Monday and the start of a busy week. Here though Sundays are sweet days. It starts with church then usually includes Sunday afternoon naps (or football for Beau) and then time with Grandma and Grandpa. Sometimes we switch it up have have lunch with them first but today we did dinner. It was a fun dinner of make your own pizza which was yummy. We ate while we listened to the rain pouring outside. After dinner though the rain had mostly stopped with the exception of just a few random drops and the streets were full of puddles. 

Since we didn't have rain boots (do they even make rain boots that would have been small enough for Micah?) the little ones and Grandma went barefoot into the puddles. It started innocently enough with just stepping in a puddle on the porch to make foot prints in various sizes with bare feet and ended up with full on puddle jumping. 

The kids ended up wearing just a diaper (Micah) and a grandpa shirt (Abby) home since they were soaking wet from all the puddle splashing. All in all that makes for a great evening! 

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