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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

our Saturday morning adventure

Saturday morning since the kids didn't stay through the end of the game and were not as sleepy as everyone else. They are a little to young to understand the "Saturday morning rules" that Beau grew up with so we had some time and some kids with cabin fever. Beau sweetly decided to take me some place I'd been dying to try for over a year. Though they were awake Abby was still a little bit sleepy - just not sleepy enough to sleep. 
Have you heard of this place before? 
If you haven't then after this I bet you are gonna want to get in your car and head to the nearest location because it's so worth it! 
Mmmm.. cupcakes! Lots of cupcakes! So hard to pick.... we choose 6 flavors to bring back and share with all the sleepy heads back at the hotel. 
I labeled the 6 we picked plus what would have been my next pick. 
What a delicious box of cupcakes this was.... 
I'm thinking it's a pretty good thing the nearest location is 4 hours away. I can totally see why this bakery stands out as the best. We tried a cupcake place here in town for Micah's birthday and those were yummy but these blew those out of the water. 

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