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Thursday, September 23, 2010

my duck lovin' babies

What is it with my little ones and loving ducks? Is it just that the word is fun to say? I find it quite amusing that both my little ones have gone through a duck loving phase at about the same age. 

Micah is currently (still) in his duck phase. Not quite as much as he was a couple months ago when he loved to carry around this beanie baby duck with him. He still loves to read books about ducks though. Especially Duck at the Door. When he sees a duck in any book even if it's just one page like in the animal encyclopedia we read through this afternoon Micah goes into duck mode. "Duck, duck, duck!" 

Here's Abby at roughly the same age Micah is now and she was in her duck phase then. She loved ducks so much that it ended up being her halloween costume. She loved that costume and was content to carry it around! 

If you have more than one child do you find they end up liking some of the same things? Or is it just my silly kids that love ducks? 

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