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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

meet the teacher

This morning was Meet the Teacher morning at preschool. After breakfast we said good bye to Gigi as she headed home and we headed to church. Though we had told Abby before and she was with us at registration she was still surprised that school was at church. We turned in our paperwork and headed back to her class. She is in the "Chirping Chickadee" class with Mrs. Ham for her teacher. We spent about 30 minutes in the classroom with Abby exploring all the different things there are to do in the class. We played puzzles, read a couple books, discovered the dress up box and colored a picture. 
Then we left Abby in the classroom while all the parents went to a meeting. Mostly to give the kids a little taste of school so they won't be as upset next week. Though they may be upset on day two when they realize day one wasn't the short 30 minutes the meet and greet was. Next Friday we'll have a teacher meeting to get to know her teacher (who taught kindergarden for 30 years and now has retired and is teaching preschool) and sign up for things like snacks and class parties. Speaking of parties - a sign up list for the parties was in her classroom and all the helper spots were pretty much filled - so I'm being really brave and signed up to be the 'chairperson' not just a 'helper' for the very first party. We'll see what I'm getting myself into there! I had a blast party planning for both Abby and Micah's birthdays but I'm not so sure I know what I'm getting into planning the classes fall party. I've got some ideas swirling in my head already but I'm not sure how feasible some of them are... The sheet said the 'chairperson' plans the drink, snack and activities for the party. 

My backpack dilema was solved today. I was having a hard time finding something that wasn't too Disney, too big, too expensive but my search has ended! All the children received a tote today with their name and class on it to carry their papers, lunch and change of clothes in. Abby (and everyone else) also were given a shirt to wear on Chapel Fridays. Abby loved hers so much she put it on almost immediately. {And then layered a dress up dress over it and a tutu under her other dress}

I did have to find her a lunch box though. Of course I'm an over-researcher... or indecisive maybe? I knew I really wanted a bento box idea as I've seen tons of blogs and ideas on super yummy yet healthy bento box ideas and I'm all for less ziplocks going in the trash each day. I also wanted it to be something fun for Abby that she would enjoy. 

I really liked this laptop lunch set but it was pricey for my taste and budget. I tried to google to find any place I could find it with a discount code (and free shipping - because I try to not buy anything only without free shipping because I know it's almost always out there)
Laptop Lunches Bento Kit~Daisy
There was another set that was closer to my budget from the laptop lunch site with the same daisy pattern but a tote sleeve instead of a lunch box with strap shape. However shipping was killer so that was pretty much out in my mind. So then I turned to Amazon to see what I could find there. I was able to find the bento buddies by the laptop lunch company. It doesn't include the silverware, outer box or idea guide... which made me think twice about doing that instead of the laptop lunch box sans lunch box. 
Bento Buddies 2.0 Set of 4 Lidded Containers, Berry
Then I found this adorable lunch box and I knew I might be able to squeeze the big laptop lunch container in it and I might eventually get that set as well but I think the bento buddies container set and this lunch box will be great - and much friendlier on my budget than anything else. 
Garden Lunch Box by Crocodile Creek
The laptop lunches are a little pricier but they are made in the USA (California) and are healthy for little ones (BPA free, no lead or phthalates to worry about) I think we'll be happy with the lunch set up. I'll share with ya'll in another post ideas and places to find inspiration for lunches. 

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