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Thursday, September 09, 2010

little ballerina

Today was a special day. After a busy morning and a very short nap for a tired little guy. Abby got to pull out these brand new ballet shoes and put on her tights, leotard and skirt. Then we were off to the first day of ballet for this school year! 
The girls sat and stretched their arms, legs, toes. Abby did wonderfully joining the group right away and doing (most) of what her teacher asked of the girls to do. 
The girls stretched their legs by pretending to be bears - a little bear who couldn't go very far, a medium bear who could go a little further, and a big bear who could go all the way out into the forget and get the good honey. So cute. Then of course since they ate honey they had to go and eat some healthy foods as well and pick some fruit to eat. 
This was a new stretch I don't remember from last year - they practiced their frog legs laying on the ground. Abby looks content watching her teacher resting her head on her hands. 
Then it was time to do some moves across the floor. For the first day they started with a chasse. The teacher (Miss Josie this year - Miss Oliva, her teacher from last year's older sister.) and her young helper each helped one girl across the floor. Abby actually did pretty well! 
Abby made first with the young girl who was helping in the class today. She told her all about that we had to go get new ballet shoes yesterday since the other ones broke (the elastic came unsewn on one shoe - and were also too small this year.) 
Then class ended with reciting the Bible verse the girls will be learning this year. The verse they are learning is out of Matthew 28 and the verse they stared with is Matthew 28:19 "Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit" Last year by the end of the year they were reciting more than one verse of the passage and I assume the same will go for this year as well. 
I love her ballet classes. They may be a little too untraditional for some with no ballet bar, mirrors and such but it's such a blessing that these ladies (the three sisters that teach the classes) want to teach our girls to dance and to serve the Lord and to incorporate them together. It's even more incredible that they do this at no cost to any of the girls - they spend their time preparing and teaching our girls because they want to. I can't say enough good things about the ministry these girls have and how amazing it is. 

{Sorry some of the pictures are a little out of focus - it's very difficult to focus and take pictures with a wiggly 16 month old sitting in my lap who wants to join in and/or run away}

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