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Friday, September 17, 2010


While we were at the Ft. Worth stockyards Grandma bought Micah one of the most adorable baby boy jammies I've seen in a while. What is it about jammies that just makes a little one seem so sweet and cuddly? Is it the fact that they are (usually) all clean and smell so sweet before getting in them - or is it the cute soft nature of the jammies? Either way I just love it!

The jammies read 'pasture bedtime' on the front and have horseshoes across the bottom. So cute! I'm so happy these have plenty of growing room so he won't outgrow these any time soon! 
I just can't get over how adorable and cuddly Micah looks in these jammies! Is he past the age where I can get away with him in a sleeper all day? I think we will have to skip the gym the mornings we have nothing to get out of the house for (except for taking Abby to school) so we can just stay in jammies more often. 
If only the act of putting on the jammies induced the sweet cuddly calmness that the jammies make me crave. Instead in our house it usually involves lots of wiggling and wanting to run and jump all over mama's bed while getting dressed and afterwards. We only start to calm down with a bedtime book or two. I can't complain though the sweet sound of the little ones giggling as they run around the bed is a pretty nice sound as well.

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