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Monday, September 27, 2010

{happy hour}

For reasons that I can't explain the half-hour to hour after naptime is a really hard time around our house some days. Some might find they have a "witching hour" in the evenings near dinner time (and yes sometimes that happens here too) but we have this unexplainable grumpy time post nap and quiet time. 

One would think that a nap would make the baby happy right? Well yes it does, unless of course he wakes up on the wrong side of it. Which happens some days. Or more likely he just needs a minute to wake up and Abby pounces ready to play and he isn't ready for her to be in his face. 

That brings me to Abby - after rest time she is ready to be active and I'm not kidding. She is all over the place. To make matters worse since she had time where she could play with whichever toys she wanted without brother interfering it takes a minute for that sharing to kick back in. We have lots of squabbling after quiet time because the toys can't be shared. It's gotten worse since school started because she is worn out from school and shows it by being more active and listening to mommy and daddy less. 

So the other day we were dealing with our post nap/quiet time meltdowns when I decided it was a happy hour day. We were out of mommy's drink of choice - that would be coke by the way. So I loaded up the car for a trip to Sonic. I wasn't in the mood to go to the grocery store with two little ones so this was the best option. Normally I would get myself and drink and Abby an apple juice slush. During happy hour {2-4} the drinks are all half-off so it's only a $1.50 to get drinks for Abby and I. This particular day we did something a little different and I got an ice cream for Abby and Micah to share. Yum. Thankfully with the ice cream Abby was particularly nice about sharing with her brother - because he isn't big enough to have one of his own yet.

Today to prevent grumpy hour or at least to run out some energy we are going to head out to a park after the little one is awake from his nap to enjoy the beautiful fall weather that has come to town today. See it doesn't always have to include purchasing something. 

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