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Monday, September 06, 2010

A favorite breakfast

One morning last week instead of Abby's usual request for pancakes or a simple breakfast of cheerios and fruit we made my favorite kind of muffins. These would be the plain kind rolled in butter and cinnamon sugar. Micah and Abby both 'help' me with the fun part of rolling the muffins in the butter and cinnamon sugar. Well Abby helped while Micah sat nearby eating (making a mess of) a muffin. 
The yummy result! Here's the recipe I like to use for these. 

Abby had also been asking for a banana since the day before when we bought bananas at the store. They were still a tad green so we didn't eat one the day we went grocery shopping. I caught the very end of a Rachel Ray 30 minute meal breakfast episode and she had bananas with a peanut butter/honey mixture and sprinkled granola on top. I skipped the granola but did the peanut butter/honey mixture on the bananas and put the banana on sticks for easy eating. This was a quick thing to do while we waited for the muffins to cook. 
Both Abby and Micah loved the pb mixture but neither one was too interested in the banana. That's normal for Micah but Abby would usually eat the banana but not this particular morning. 



Angie said...

Awesome idea...bananas...I must try this soon!

Angie said...

Awesome idea...bananas...I must try this soon!