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Monday, September 13, 2010


Last weekend was our annual family Texas Ranger weekend. We headed up to Arlington after picking up Abby from preschool on Friday and got there in time to make the ballgame that evening. 
Micah kicked back and enjoyed a snack for a little while. (Plum snacks are great for travel! So easy and convenient to travel with - makes for a healthy snack at a ballpark full of not so healthy food!)  
Abby enjoyed playing with Auntie Scarlett and Uncle Nick - though they tried to influence her to cheer for the Yankees instead of the Rangers. She was cheering 'Go Yankees' on the way home - it's okay though since the Rangers won all 3 games! 
We didn't stay all the way through the Friday night game - the kids needed to get to bed and the game was moving pretty slow. Good thing we didn't try to stay since it ended up going to 13 innings with a record number of pitchers used during the game. 

Saturday after a couple of fun adventures in the morning we headed to game 2. Abby really wanted to ride the big red bus (trolley) to the game but it was taking a while. 
Micah wanted to join in with everyone sitting on the curb waiting for the trolley. 
The Rangers have a great little set up with fun games for kids to play. Abby finally got a chance to play this year. First was the batting cage while she did pretty good at hitting the ball. She won a couple packs of baseball cards for this game. She was a sweetheart and shared with Daddy saying one was for her and one was for Daddy. 
She also got a couple temporary Ranger tattoos. 

She was very excited about her horse tattoos! 
An a nice game of Ranger plinko. She had a lot of fun playing the games. 
Micah also had a lot of fun watching them. When he got restless in the 4th inning he and I spent a good while watching all the kids at the batting cage area. He really just wanted a ball though. We watched for a while and then took a quick spin around the gift shop when it started pouring. We waited out the rain then I took the kids back to the hotel when we got a break in the rain. That game ended up being a long game as well even without the rain delay! 

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