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Thursday, September 30, 2010

cookies and baths

Tuesday I was reading on my friend Ali's blog about the yummy chocolate cookies that she had made. Though it wasn't until I saw the delicious looking picture of the cookie dough that I had to have cookies. The final product I probably could have thought hmm... that would be good but seeing the dough made me seriously want some cookies. 

I mentioned to Beau I was going to make some cookies and asked if he'd pick up some chocolate chips at the grocery store on his way home from the gym (he was already stopping there for a couple other essentials - like bread for Abby's sandwich for lunch for school the next day.) Micah didn't want to go to sleep so I was upstairs rocking him and before I knew it my wonderful hubby had not only picked up the chocolate chips but also made the dough for a half batch of cookies! 

Then yesterday we put the dough to use (other than just breaking 'the rules' and eating it off the spoon) and made some cookies. I had the cutest little dough their helping me. Before I knew it he had stolen a whole cookie ball off the baking sheet - but we put it back and he got a spoon to lick instead. 

We all enjoyed the delicious cookies that Beau had done all the work to make the dough for as a wonderful after school snack. Of course warm chocolate cookies are not exactly a 'clean' snack and Micah had a very chocolately face and hands. So of course the little bit needed a bath that night! 
Look at the belly on my itty bitty these days! He almost has one there! Maybe more cookies are in order? 

I love bath pictures. The evening light in our bathroom is just perfect! Plus Micah can't and doesn't run away from me in the bath tub like he does when I have the camera out other places! 


Car rug {take 2}

Not too long I posted about our need for a car rug and my dear friend Stephanie read it and offered us one of the two car rugs she had at her house to borrow for a little while. My kiddos are just loving it! 

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday's list

Today I'm playing along with Jessica from Love from Texas  

This week since we are less than 100 days away from Christmas (87 to be exact) the list is all about our Christmas lists? Have you started thinking about what you want for Christmas? Or started any shopping for others? 

My list could also double for my birthday list as that is coming up next month. :) 

{1} Nikon 35 mm f/1.8G AF-S lens.
Nikon 35mm f/1.8G AF-S DX Lens for Nikon Digital SLR Cameras 
I love the pictures I get from my 50 mm lens but it doesn't autofocus with my camera and it's become increasingly difficult to get a good picture of Micah as he is so busy. It would also give me the ability to capture a widen scene than my 50 mm allows me to. 

{2} A gorgeous red Lola Epiphanie bag 
{3} Every girl loves shoes right?

For Beau I know the first thing on his list would be a big tv - either getting the big huge project screen tv fixed (which I think would be his first choice) or a fancy new flat screen (which then for me would likely require some kind of new furniture!) 

For Abby
{1} The top of her list likely includes a power wheels car. 
 Power Wheels Jeep Wrangler Rubicon
Her requirements for the car are that it has a peddle (unlike the Flintstone style car we have that you use your feet with) and a radio. I want to make sure it's a two seater so Micah can join in. I'm uncertain if this will be a join present for both or for Abby right now though.

For Micah 
{1} A car rug! 
Driving Time Rug 39"x58"
He loves to drive his cars so I think a car rug would be perfect for him.

{2} He'll need some cars to drive on his new rug - and I think he'll be ready for some Automoblox. 
Automoblox S9 Sedan Blue by Automoblox 

Monday, September 27, 2010


I've been rearranging things on the blog. What do ya'll think? Should I keep it or go back to how it was? Do you like the pictures on the left or should they go back in the middle? I've been wanting to try this for a while now but now that I did it I can't decide if I like the result. Opinions?

{happy hour}

For reasons that I can't explain the half-hour to hour after naptime is a really hard time around our house some days. Some might find they have a "witching hour" in the evenings near dinner time (and yes sometimes that happens here too) but we have this unexplainable grumpy time post nap and quiet time. 

One would think that a nap would make the baby happy right? Well yes it does, unless of course he wakes up on the wrong side of it. Which happens some days. Or more likely he just needs a minute to wake up and Abby pounces ready to play and he isn't ready for her to be in his face. 

That brings me to Abby - after rest time she is ready to be active and I'm not kidding. She is all over the place. To make matters worse since she had time where she could play with whichever toys she wanted without brother interfering it takes a minute for that sharing to kick back in. We have lots of squabbling after quiet time because the toys can't be shared. It's gotten worse since school started because she is worn out from school and shows it by being more active and listening to mommy and daddy less. 

So the other day we were dealing with our post nap/quiet time meltdowns when I decided it was a happy hour day. We were out of mommy's drink of choice - that would be coke by the way. So I loaded up the car for a trip to Sonic. I wasn't in the mood to go to the grocery store with two little ones so this was the best option. Normally I would get myself and drink and Abby an apple juice slush. During happy hour {2-4} the drinks are all half-off so it's only a $1.50 to get drinks for Abby and I. This particular day we did something a little different and I got an ice cream for Abby and Micah to share. Yum. Thankfully with the ice cream Abby was particularly nice about sharing with her brother - because he isn't big enough to have one of his own yet.

Today to prevent grumpy hour or at least to run out some energy we are going to head out to a park after the little one is awake from his nap to enjoy the beautiful fall weather that has come to town today. See it doesn't always have to include purchasing something. 

Saturday, September 25, 2010

{a favor}

Oh Fiddlesticks is having a contest for models for their oh so cute line of tshirts. I entered both kids pictures and they opened it for voting today on their facebook page. The 3 or 4 little ones with the most 'likes' will win a photoshoot.

So Would you? Could you? Pretty please vote?

I used the pictures that are in the header at the top of the blog.

You'll need to go to the Oh Fiddlesticks page  and click the 'like' icon at the top of the page. Then find the kids pictures in the album and vote for them. Or you can come back here and click on their names below to go directly to their picture.


Thanks so very much! We appreciate the votes!


Thursday, September 23, 2010

my duck lovin' babies

What is it with my little ones and loving ducks? Is it just that the word is fun to say? I find it quite amusing that both my little ones have gone through a duck loving phase at about the same age. 

Micah is currently (still) in his duck phase. Not quite as much as he was a couple months ago when he loved to carry around this beanie baby duck with him. He still loves to read books about ducks though. Especially Duck at the Door. When he sees a duck in any book even if it's just one page like in the animal encyclopedia we read through this afternoon Micah goes into duck mode. "Duck, duck, duck!" 

Here's Abby at roughly the same age Micah is now and she was in her duck phase then. She loved ducks so much that it ended up being her halloween costume. She loved that costume and was content to carry it around! 

If you have more than one child do you find they end up liking some of the same things? Or is it just my silly kids that love ducks? 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

random ramblings

Beau was home this morning so after dropping Abby off at school Micah and Daddy shared an apple. This started with Beau trying to eat an apple and Micah wanting some and ended with Micah carrying around the apple until we got to the gym. There was just something cute about my itty bitty little boy with two tiny {but finally there!} teeth trying to eat a pretty big apple. 
After school Abby was wiped out! Wednesdays are extended days and she had stretch and grow during that last part of the day. When we got home she crashed in the big comfy chair for about 30 minutes before she was back to her silly rambunctious self. She had brought her furry fluffy friendly puppy that Grandma bought her last Sunday from the church bookstore to school today for her show and tell for the letter F. She loves her puppy. In bed the other day she had a whole pack of dogs - all of her beloved puppies where there - Lucky, bulldog, her new puppy, a little blue puppy we got from Ikea for .49 cents and pink puppy. 
Since Beau wasn't home for dinner we did a quick simple breakfast for dinner and had french toast and yogurt. Last night though I tried something new and also pretty simple. I tried out the Pioneer Woman's grilled chicken and pineapple quesadillas (without the jalapenos) 

Micah and I liked them. 

Abby however only wanted pineapple that she could see. Beau thought that the pineapple overwhelmed the flavors when you got a bite with pineapple in it. I on the other hand had decided to try these out because I was wanting some pineapple so I was pretty happy with the pineapple flavor. 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

ballet week 2

Abby had her concentration face on during her second week of ballet last Thursday. Do you see it? 
She was so cute looking up to her teacher to follow what she was doing. 

She even did great doing her 'princess walk' across the floor - last year she didn't do much of the across the floor exercises but this year she is doing excellent! She's so much fun to watch! 

Monday, September 20, 2010

random ramblings

It was mostly just another Monday here today. Nothing too special, Abby went to preschool and Micah didn't want to be at the gym so I skipped half my workout. I was still sore from Friday where I did body combat (kickboxing class) and bootcamp back to back. We did hit up Jamba to use a buy one get one free coupon I came across Saturday. (Beau was home this morning so we each got one and I shared with Micah) Micah thought that was pretty tasty. 
Didn't want to leave ya'll without a picture so this is from last month but I never posted it.

After lunch, nap/quiet time we headed out despite the dark rain clouds that were looming around. I wanted to check out TJ Maxx Home Goods because I'd seen a picture with a newborn in the prettiest bowl and I wanted to see if they had something like that at our store. They didn't have the same bowl but I did find a few good props plus ordered a cocoon online. I can't wait to try all these new props out on my friend Stephanie's new little one when he gets here. I've become a photography nut lately - reading, admiring, studying other photographers work to get inspiration for poses, props, techniques. I've got a wishlist going of things I'd eventually love to have in my possession - lenses, actions/presents for photoshop and lightroom {once I purchase of copy of lightroom - which is also on the list}, of course the camera bag I'm always trying to win, and various props I've seen that I'd love to find something similar too.  Now I think I need to get my kids out to a great location and take some new pictures of them as well. 

Oh and I entered Abby (and will do Micah too as soon as I get a shot of him that I want to enter) into a model contest for Oh Fiddlesticks  and once their pictures are up I'm going to nicely ask ya'll to please vote for them on facebook - but you'll have to be a fan of Oh Fiddlesticks first. They have some of the cutest shirts and are based in Austin. 


Epiphanie - the maker of the most gorgeous camera bags out there - is turning one. So it's time to wish them a happy birthday! How about a cinnamon sugar birthday breakfast muffin to celebrate?