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Sunday, August 15, 2010

weekend recap

1. Garage Sale 
We tried our hand at having a garage sale this weekend. Since the landlords of house we are renting want to sell it we are trying to clean out so the eventual move will hopefully be easier - or at least with less stuff. We don't really want to move - luckily so far there hasn't been much interest - only two showings in the month it's been listed so we aren't having to move just yet. Day 1 of the sale wasn't too successful, luckily day 2 went a little better but we didn't do as well as we would have liked. Anyone need a couch?

Abby had her last day in the 2-3 year old wing this morning. Well at least her last Sunday morning. Her birthday was a couple weeks ago now but because of sabbatical the 4 and ups haven't been open and others her age and up have been going to worship (or as we say to the little ones - "big Church") Next Sunday sabbatical will be over and she'll make the move across the hall. She'll stay in the 2-3 year old wing when I work on Saturdays for a while longer as there isn't class for 4 and ups on Saturdays. She'll also be in that wing on Tuesdays during the Bible study day but in a 4 year old class since that's the wing all the kids from 2 and up use. That's a long rambling way to say that she's getting bigger and gets to make a big move across the hall next week. It'll be a big move because she's never been across the hall she was a little familiar with the 2-3 year old wing when she moved there because we were in there for prayer time even when she wasn't in class over there. She also moved over there when I was teaching a 2 year old class so she moved with me which she won't be doing when she goes to a 4 year old room. 

Being the last weekend of sabbatical it also means that next week I go back to only working the Saturday service and can go back to attending the Sunday service instead of working the nursery. It was a good 6 weeks but also tiring - probably more so for all the ladies that worked more than one Sunday service. I only worked one since Abby usually isn't up in time for the first service and Micah is ready for lunch and nap 15 minutes into the third. (Yup we've got 4 service - 1 on Saturday and 3 on Sunday and that's just our main campus - if you add in some of the other campuses/missions you'd get a lot more than 4!)

3. Ballet
She doesn't know the specifics yet but I also signed her up for ballet again this coming fall. I had talked to her about if she wanted to dance again this year and she said she did (as she pranced around the house saying "I'm a ballerina!") but I didn't tell her today that she was officially signed up since the first class is still about a month away. I'm hoping since it's her second year she'll listen a little better and enjoy it a little more. Her teachers are great and really do an excellent job with the girls and I'm excited for Abby to get to participate again.

4. Food Network Star 
Anyone else watch this show? Who were your cheering for? I think my favorite of the final 3 is Herb. I'm currently watching my dvr'd recording of the final episode so I haven't gotten to the winner yet even though some of you may have already! I was shocked at some points that Herb made it as far as he has but I'm happy he has. I like his POV about healthy eating and him being a personal trainer so I think that would make a cool show. I like Arti and her personality but I don't know that I'd try that many of her recipes and I'm not crazy about Tom. I have to laugh that I say I wouldn't try many of Arti's dishes when in reality I'm so picky that I don't try that many of any of the food network chef's recipes unless they are pretty basic. I still love to watch their shows even if I wouldn't eat the dish. Weird huh? So if you were watching who were you cheering for and what do you think of the result?



Ali said...

sounds so fun!

I love your blog, and nominated you for a blogging award :) Check it out here: http://babyfeetnbabysteps.blogspot.com/2010/08/versatile-blogger-award.html


Scartch said...

I did watch it! I was luckily rooting for Aarti all the way, I've liked her for a while since she has a bit more adventurous food than the rest (of course, I am an adventurous eater :))
Sorry you guys are gonna have to move, that really stinks! Though the housing market is awful right now so you may have a while before that becomes a problem. I can't wait to see you!