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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wednesday Adventure....

So this morning we got up, Beau made us all a yummy breakfast - or at least for those of us that were up. That would mean Beau and Micah got up early. Micah wasn't happy until he had his cars (that were on the night stand) and Mommy was also awake. Abby however was a sleepy-head (that might have something to do with her refusing to go to sleep until 10 pm last night - something that has happened too often lately) Then we packed up our stuff and off we went.... well everything got packed except one thing. 
Yup that wold be my camera battery. Something that is required to work the camera.... the one I carried around all day and couldn't use. So today you get iphone quality pics to enjoy. 

We got there bright (and by bright I mean the sun was bright this morning!) and early - 10 minutes before the gate even opened. We were ready to tackle Sea World - or at least as much as we could see until lunch time! We headed straight for the dolphins. Abby had been begging to fed them every time we have gone but since I only have two hands I couldn't hold Micah and help Abby feed the fish at the same time (no allowed on the feeding side.) Since Beau was with us we got some fish to feed the dolphins! 
Abby wasn't as thrilled with it as she was before she actually saw the fish to feed to the dolphins. So Beau and I ended up feeding them and Abby watched. Both Beau and I got to touch them but Abby declined when we offered to help her. The dolphins were as flighty today and actually stayed around after eating the fish so you really got a good chance to touch the top of their noses. 
Then we went to the seal and sea lion pool. Abby and Micah got to see a sleeping seal up close from the comfort of their wagon (which by the way is not the easiest to pull around and has me dreaming and regretting not getting a double stroller - especially a jogging stroller which in my dreams would be much easier to push)
Over this past summer there have been 4 babies born in the seal and sea lion pool. Three sea lions and one seal. The babies are adorable! 
Then we headed off to see the Penguins and Puffins. 
Abby liked the penguins better because the puffins weren't swimming and diving under water. 
To finish off our {short} visit we hit the Lost Lagoon and cooled off with a few times around the lazy river then to the activity pool so Abby could go down the water slide. She enjoyed the water slide but didn't like it so much when at they got to the end of the slide she went underwater. She liked it much better when she went down with me and didn't go underwater. 

And on good note we don't have to move in the next 6 months! Yippie! The home owners finally realized the market isn't great and the two showings they've had aren't gonna get the house sold so they offered to let us sign another 6 month lease! 

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