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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

then there was one....

It's quiet around here today. A whole lot quieter... 
Someone has gone on a little trip with Gigi. She's been excited for a week now about her special trip alone with Gigi. 
We got Gigi's iphone all loaded up with some of her favorite videos and games before she left for the drive there and back. Abby and Gigi checked it out this morning just to make sure all the videos loaded properly. Then Abby gave out hugs all around. 
Then she was ready to head out the door. She said she would miss us but she was sure excited to be going... after she had her kangaroo to bring along.
Micah tried to go too but Mommy isn't ready for my little guy to be gone that long. 
Abby blew me a kiss and gave me a big hug (and I stole one or two more...)
Then they were off. 
Now it's quiet in the house with only the itty bitty. He hasn't been too distressed about big sister not being here yet but he is taking more work to convince him to play without Abby here to play with. 


Simplegirl said...

Cute pictures. I am now following you too.

Simplegirl said...

Cute pictures. I am now following you too.