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Monday, August 09, 2010

Short weekend recap

This is likely to be a boring post for most everyone of ya'll but since this is my version of our family scrapbook until I have more time to actually paper scrapbook things I'm posting things so our family memories are here. 

Saturday we stayed home in the morning cleaning up. I wanted to head to the gym but I tweaked my ankle just a bit at bootcamp on Friday so I figured I'd give it a day to rest because the class I really enjoy (body combat) involves lots of shuffling and moves that would be more stress on my ankle. I was able to get a good deal of cleaning done by pulling out the sandbox, then water table on the back patio right off the kitchen. I even managed to reorganize the ever messy medicine/tupperware cabinet. 
Sunday - I worked the middle service in the nursery at Church. Just one more week of Sabbatical then Abby will move up to the 4 year old wing. During sabbatical the regular year long volunteer teachers receive a 6 week break and Bibleland Buddies team takes over for the 3 month- 3 year class. 4 and ups go to service with their parents. Since I'm working the service Abby is still going to her old 3 year old class so she'll get to do the big move across the hall on the 22nd. Then in the afternoon I attended a wonderful meeting about the upcoming years curriculum and plans for the Bibleland program at our church. We had a wonderful speaker who explained all about the orange program we will be using and it sounds awesome. Then we broke into smaller groups to go through the actual curriculum that we'll be teaching from on Saturday/Sundays. 

While I was at the meeting Daddy took Abby and Micah to the gym. After he worked out Abby got to do something she's been waiting for almost since we joined the gym - climbing the wall! You have to be 4 to climb the wall and this was the first time the wall had been open while we were there (it's not always open in the mornings when we are generally there)I'm sad I didn't get to see her climb but Daddy says she did a good job and made it halfway up the wall. He sent me this picture while I was in my meeting. 


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