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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Sea World Nights

Tonight we made an spur of the moment trip to Sea World to catch all the night shows. It's the final 4 days of the night time shows. The Sea Lions Tonight where they act/make fun of all the other shows through the eyes of the Sea Lions being one of our favorites so we had to see them once this summer and tonight was our last shot since the weekend will be busy.

We went to the Sea Lions show then immediately afterwards to Azul (the dolphin/beluga show.) After those two shows we headed to the Shamu roller coaster in the kiddie area. She had informed us already that since Daddy was with us she and daddy could go ride it. When Daddy isn't with us I can't take her since Micah can't go on the ride. Micah and I hung out munching popcorn (gotta love the inexpensive popcorn bucket refills for a nice snack while at the park!)
Micah waved to the coaster as it went by while hanging out in the wagon. 
Can you spot Abby?  
After the Shamu ride we headed to the Shamu Rocks show - it was packed and standing room only when we got there. Abby sat on Daddy's shoulders to see. Micah had enough of the shows and we headed to get some more ice water and see the flamingos. Micah was also totally in love with the wagon tonight - as we were headed out of the Shamu show we passed a couple wagons that weren't ours and I had to keep him from trying to climb in, when we did get to ours he climbed right in instead of wanting to walk and wander around. I was thinking to myself during the first show that I wasn't thinking since I forgot to bring in a sling/baby carrier like I normally will carry around with me for when Micah is ready to be held but he did great and loved riding in the wagon with Abby. The wagon isn't near as easy to push around like the stroller but it made both kids super happy to ride around in it tonight. 
Did you know it's practically impossible to take pictures while trying to contain a very very wiggly toddler during a Sea World show? So not too many pictures of our trip this evening since we mainly just hit the shows and not the play areas. We'll head back soon to play on the playground, in the water park and see the baby sea lions! 

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