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Friday, August 27, 2010

Preparing for preschool

Abby is staring preschool this year and she is pretty excited about it. We got a post card in the mail from her teacher introducing herself and inviting Abby and us to the teacher meet and greet next week. I've been procrastinating a little bit on the getting prepared part though. We don't have a supply list and did pay a supply fee so her supplies should be taken care of. She'll have to bring a lunch as they all eat lunch together (and some days they will cook as well - which she will love!) I need to figure out what kind of lunch box to send with her and what to pack. I'm thinking a bento box idea would be perfect for her. In a bento box there would be no extra packaging to open (unless I send along a squeeze yogurt) There are tons of ideas out there for cute lunches to pack in bento boxes as well. I'm guessing that likely peanut butter will be out as far as things that can be packed in her lunch so no peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I also need to figure out if I want to get her a new backpack or send her with her tote bag that she has. She has a backpack that we've used for traveling but it's pretty big for her (but great for packing travel toys.)

So last week I won an awesome giveaway on Natural Mommie. I picked out the labels I wanted - a school pack for Abby to label everything she'll need at school. Let me just say I'm super impressed with Label Daddy.  The customer service I received while picking out what I wanted with my gift certificate was excellent and the shipping was amazingly fast! The labels look amazing and now I can't wait to find things that need labels and more importantly pick out what bag Abby is going to bring to school so I can label it. 
The school pack came with tons of labels for every use you could think of. One backpack label, shoe labels and lots of labels in all sorts of various sizes. Plus 4 zipper tags - perfect for her jackets! 
I couldn't leave Micah out so I ordered some medium sized labels for his things as well. As soon as his Built NY tote that goes on his Klean Kanteen sippy cups is dry I'm going to go label that! 
Disclaimer:  I won these labels in a contest and was in no way required or expected to do anything in return for winning. I just enjoyed the service and product and wanted to share. :) 

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Cathy said...

Cute labels! Cute blog. Cute family! I'm a new follower from blog frog. Hope you'll follow me too!