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Thursday, August 12, 2010


What's the best thing for a hot day? 
Popsicles of course!
Abby even chose a popsicle over a cookie...
Micah of course had to have one as well. He even knew where they are kept and pointed to the freezer (behind him while he was sitting in the high chair) saying "dat... dat... dat" after he saw sister with hers.
Since Micah wanted out of his high chair AND to hold his own drippy red fruit popsicle we went out on the porch to eat them. 
Drippy or not - they're still tasty. (Darn it now I want one and we gave the last two to Abby and Micah tonight... I'll have to add more to the grocery list)
Abby was a little distressed about getting dripped all over but was able to get past it to enjoy the popsicle. 
Look at that cute, drip covered belly! 


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