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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

pedis, pizza and Paciugo

Gigi is in town today! Yay! Abby, Gigi and I went out and got pedicures - well Gigi and I did. Abby got to soak her feet and then get some polish - no scrubbing needed for her sweet feet. 
Then we headed to the mall to see if Gigi's sunglasses were back from being repaired and while we were there we got some dinner. We tried the coal-oven pizza place. It was quite tasty. Not quite Fralos but close. The waitress brought the kids little bits of pizza dough to play with while we waited for our pizza and they loved it! 
Micah tried to eat his just as much as he played with it though. 
Then we decided against the cheese cake (mainly because it was too hard to choose a flavor) and because I knew the kids would prefer ice cream. We tried to do the healthy option and try the OrangeCup but it was a little too yogurt-y tasting and didn't quite hit the dessert spot we were looking for and on top of that they were busy so it was hard to decide what to get. We decided to try the gelato place Paciugo instead. It was yummy! It was a little overwhelming for Abby to pick a flavor - luckily you could choose up to 3 flavors in the small cup so we got to try a little of a lot of flavors. That wasn't quite what Abby wanted as she was still a little upset she didn't get her own cup with just one flavor but she was just fine after we started eating (and she got her blue spoon.) 

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