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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Party time!

We had Abby's party on Tuesday. We got there and set up decorations and I think it looked pretty nice!

Cookies I wrapped up to put in the favor buckets.  
 Favor buckets all lined up!
 The birthday cake I made. Yum! 

 Abby and Daddy playing while waiting for friends to show up!
Micah hanging out with Mommy setting up decorations.
Blowing out the candles! She really didn't want to do anything with this - everyone watching and all so Daddy helped her and they did it together.

I didn't do a great job taking pictures because taking pictures while hosting a party, watching a baby {near a pool!} and swimming just don't go well together. Oh yea and I apparently might not have friends any more if I post pictures of them in their bathing suits {again.} ;) Love ya girls and ya'll looked great!

1 comment :

Lisa said...

It looks so Great!! You did an fabulous job with everything. And that cake! (Craving!) It looks adorable.
As did the cookies- they look just like salt water taffy.