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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hungry Honey?

This morning both kids were up early so we had lots of time to eat breakfast, play and lounge around enjoying our Saturday morning before hitting the gym. After coloring for a while Micah got an idea about what he wanted to do.... I'll let him show you. (Sorry not the greatest quality video - a prime lens is hard to keep in focus while running around a toddler! Please also ignore the laundry and such that I was in the process of doing - as I said we spent the morning playing!)
Did you figure out what he was point to? All I can say is good thing we aren't worried about Honey having a weight issue! The video shows Micah's 3rd trip to get a treat for her - and you probably heard Abby in the background yelling for Honey because she too had a treat for her since if one gives the dog a treat the other must as well! After trip 5 to the treat bag I hid it (bad mommy!) so we could stop giving treats to the dog. 

Here's part 2 of the video. I had to stop recording to get the treat out of the bag. 

Maybe Honey figured out that I can't say no to Micah wanting to give her treats? Or Micah's seen sister give Honey a few treats before? No matter where he got the idea from he was quite insistent this morning that Honey needed treats! 

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