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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Life is boring....

without a very active four year old! It's okay though because she's back! Our weekend was very quiet without Miss Abby. Beau and I found that we were both looking at the other one wondering what we should do without Abby around. Thus the lack of blogging... since I'm sure no one would have wanted to here the recap of the "well what should we do" discussions we had. 

Abby and Gigi arrived late Monday night. So this morning we got up and went out for some breakfast. Abby chose the happy face pancake - a chocolate chip pancake with whipped cream and chocolate chips on top. The whipped cream must not have been too good because she didn't eat much of it. She did enjoy the pancake though. It tasted like a cookie. Not your every day breakfast but a good treat! 
She then had to check on the fish and birds on Gigi's phone while Micah ate some of her pancake after she finished. He really seemed to enjoy the chocolate chip pancake and asked for a couple bites of it but didn't want anymore than one bite of the regular pancakes or the harvest pancakes Gigi got. 

Then we headed to the mall after breakfast because we thought it would be better to get out of the house than have some serious Abby-hasn't-seen-her-toys-in-several-days-and-doesn't-want-Micah-to-touch-them sibling rivalry that we had dealt with before breakfast. Not that we won't see more as Abby adjusts to not having the full time spoiling of Gigi and Pops but we needed an energy release first! 

After some shopping for a shower curtains, bath mats and towels for Gigi's house we headed to the playground. 

The playground didn't cure all the grumpiness but it did help a little bit until they got tired and grumpy again. Micah did excellent though for being one tired guy who was already past his nap time by the time we finally left. 

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