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Monday, August 23, 2010

frog love

If you recall a couple weeks ago Abby found a bug house at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Well she sure hasn't forgotten about it. Every time since then she and Grandpa go hunting for frogs. I sure hope no animal activists are reading this right now! It is a catch and release backyard at least. Only one frog has been injured so far (he ended up with a bit of a bloody nose after the bug house was accidentally dropped.) 

Even Micah's gotten into the frogs. He was following around right behind Abby and Grandpa looking where they were looking ready to find a frog. When Abby abandoned the bug house (with her frogs inside) Micah decided he needed to play with the frogs. 
Those poor frogs might have had a little headache that evening. We released them earlier than Abby might have liked because Micah wasn't super easy on the bug house and wouldn't leave it alone or just look while someone else held it. 

video of Micah examining the frogs and saying 'frog'

After releasing the frogs and seeing the empty bug house Micah walked over to the rock that hides the sprinkler hole that some of the frogs have been found it and said "frog" while pointing to the hole. He wanted another one in the bug house! 

New blog post over on Micah's blog about his newest development if you haven't already seen it.

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