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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Doctors and Dentist oh my

We've had a busy week so far. We started off the week with pre-preschool doctor's visit for Abby. She's healthy as can be and good to go for preschool.

And for my records:
Weight: 35 lbs
Height: 100 cms/3 feet 3.7 inches

Today we went to the dentist. She did excellent and has no cavities. She has a little enamel that looks a tiny bit chipped off her front teeth but no signs of cavities we just have to keep an eye on it. She goes back in 6 months. I was extremely happy with the dentist. Lots of toys to play with in both the waiting room and in the back. To get x-rays done Abby got to sit on a saddle. Then there was another area of toys Micah could play with while Abby got her teeth counted and brushed. She even got to watch a tv while the dentist looked at her teeth. I brought the camera but failed at taking pictures while we were there because I was making sure Micah didn't wander off and more importantly making sure he didn't fall off any of the little chairs and stools he was wanting to climb on and off of.

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