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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Cake and cookies

On Monday it was a day of baking around our house. In the morning Abby asked what we were doing and when I told her baking cookies and a cake she asked "because it's my birthday" in such an excited voice. 

I started with making the cookie dough so it could chill in the fridge for a while. I used this recipe and it's ever so tasty. Then in the afternoon I rolled them out cut out lots and lots of circles (both little - for the cake and sibling gift bags, and big for the individual cookies for the table and favor buckets) I then made lots of icing for piping and the four different colors I chose to ice the cookies in. 
While the cookie dough was chilling I made the cake. I used this recipe for the cake and this {amazing!] butter cream for the frosting. I'm in love with the butter cream frosting - oh so tasty and totally the reason I am hitting the gym hard again today. The cake was good not as moist as box cakes but it tasted pretty good though it might could have used a little more flavor according to Beau. 

My inspiration came from here. I just loved the polka dots and it went well with the bright colors of the buckets that I was using as favors. Baking too all day with the breaks I took with little ones underfoot - especially Micah who doesn't particularly like it when I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Everything turned out well though in my opinion. I'm no professional but with practice my decorating skills are getting better! 



The Roussel Rambler said...

So cute! You are such a fun mom!

The Roussel Rambler said...

So cute! You are such a fun mom!