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Monday, August 02, 2010

Abby's birthday

Yesterday for Abby's birthday after church and nap we headed to Grandma and Grandpa's for dinner. Daddy joined us there straight from work so since she had been waiting for patiently for her presents from us we brought them along. (She had already gotten one present the night before - a new fish for our her fish tank.) 
She loved her presents and opened them so fast I could hardly get a decent picture of her opening them! We gave her a new book - Pinkalicious which she can almost recite from memory/pictures by herself already and a Cinderella dress up outfit since she loves dressing up in mama's old dance costumes. 
She also was given this magnifier from Grandma and Grandpa - all the better to examine her frog catches with. (Which Grandpa did catch her two frogs - one at a time - yesterday evening to carry around in her bug house.)
Now today I've spent the day baking... and more baking. I think Paula Deen would be impressed - or maybe even shocked at how much butter went into today's baking. (8 sticks total - 3 in the cookies, 2 in the cake, 3 in the buttercream frosting - if you wanted to know) Everything was made from scratch - no box mix here (today at least!) The cake is now decorated, cookies frosted and the icing is setting. In the morning I'll have to wrap them up into little packages. The mess is still currently in the kitchen... 
We're excited for the party tomorrow! Now to go clean the mess and get the final details ready so I have less to do in the morning.

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