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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Why I didn't make it to the gym this morning

We ended up having a great pooptastrophy. You can stop reading here. This is probably TMI for most of you. I'll apologize in advance. 

After breakfast I stripped Micah as he was covered in yogurt. Then we all went upstairs so I could throw on my gym clothes and Abby and Micah could get dressed as Micah was now naked and Abby still in pjs. Abby said she didn't want to go to the gym and told me we could go with Daddy when he got home. Little did I know how true that was going to be. Next thing I know while I'm grabbing a fresh diaper for Micah I hear Abby ask me "What's that?"  

I turn around and look. Yea.... there's poop on the floor. Thankfully it's solid or else this would be way worse than it already is. I turn to grab Micah who is happily wandering around the bathroom and get there a little too late to prevent more poop from ending up on the floor. I get him to the potty to finish without realizing that a tiny bit fell right next to the front of the potty - yup right where my heal was headed. Yuck. I get Micah cleaned and go to grab toilet paper to clean up.   

Here's where mistake number oh 6 or 7 in this 5 minute period occurred. I put the baby down and where did he go? Right to pick up and investigate. I manage to stop him before anything really bad happens but a tiny bit of poop gets on his hands. Now I've gotta clean the baby's hands. Done. 

Poop picked up and flushed. I'm going to get a cleaning rag to clean the floor and make sure all germs are gone. 
This is where it really gets bad. I'm getting the rag and I hear Abby gagging. She'd gagged a little in the previous 5 minutes but here she actually got sick. Now I've got throw up on the floor as well. 

Finally got everything cleaned up and now we're really not going to the gym because the kids are still in jammies/diaper and the class started 10 minutes ago (we were already running late just not this late.)

So lesson learned. Even when the baby has already pooped that morning never let him go without a diaper even if he gets up and runs away every diaper change. I can at least say that it's taken this long before I've had anything like this happen. I've heard many a poop story about babies taking off their own diaper in their cribs and poop painting or leaving trails in the living room. 

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