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Saturday, July 03, 2010

Sweet Moments

This morning Abby and Micah were playing one of their favorite 'games.' This game consists of running across our bedroom into the pile of comforter that is on the floor while I make the bed. In the process of this game Abby bumped into Micah (or at least that's what she said she bumped into) and hurt her nose. She cried in my lap for a minute about her nose and Micah came to see what it was all about and why she wasn't playing anymore. I told Micah that Abby hurt her nose and we should kiss it to make it better. So I kissed Abby's nose. Then Micah came up and sweetly gave Abby's nose a kiss copying what I had done. That moment just about melted my heart. I love my babies! 

This evening we've hung out at Grandma and Grandpa's for an early 4th of July celebration and had a delicious dinner of burgers and sausage along with star sugar cookies Abby and I made this morning and s'mores that Grandma made after dinner using the heat from the grill. We're all stuffed to the max with good food. All the sugar really energized the little ones as well. They have had a blast. Micah splashed around in Gus's water bowl and that combined with taking off with Abby's bottle of orange drink got him almost soaking wet. Then after coming inside Grandpa pitched a tent in their loft area for Abby to camp with Grandma and Grandpa. Micah and Abby both loved playing around running in and out of the tent and around inside it. If only I had remembered to grab my camera on the way out of the house.

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