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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Random ramblings

We had a wonderful week with Gigi last week and spent lots of time cleaning out outgrown clothes, toys, putting baby toys away, putting things that were cluttering up the house out in the garage in preparation for a garage sale. Now we are spending this week getting back into our routine.

Micah has also been practicing his headstands. He's so silly when he does this!
I'm guessing maybe he learned it from Abby when she was doing summersaults?
Then this evening I worked my last Tuesday night of the summer ladies Bible study. We had to be out of the house earlier than our normal dinner time and somehow time got away from me after nap so being that we had to eat and the pork wasn't cooked (yea that darn pork tenderloin again... the one Beau started to defrost yesterday but realized it wouldn't thaw in time for dinner yesterday so that was the plan for dinner tonight) the kids and I headed to Chick-fil-a. I realized as we got close that it was kid's night. Bonus! Free kids meal plus this evening they had a petting zoo set up outside. They had two ducks, a rooster (we heard him crow), two goats and this beautiful mini-cow.
When we were leaving we walked out with our friends and they just got a new van which Abby got to see last week. As we were walking out she told me she wanted to get in the van again while I buckled in Micah. She climbed in and got into the back and managed to buckle herself in. So silly! Then she didn't want to get out and get into our car until she got to give her friends Braxton and Nate each a hug and kiss. I think Daddy will have something to say about that whenever he reads this. :)
Then finally since I'm still in the cleaning/organizing mood I decided to play along with Kirsten over at I Still Hate Pickles in a Clear your House, Clear your Head challenge and organize my pantry. I'm a day or so late on this now as kitchen was Monday and living areas was today and I didn't get to the living areas today but here's my much more organized pantry. Sorry no before photos because I forgot. 
Well all organized except for the whale that somehow made it into the pantry to take a nap with his blanket. 



Kirsten Oliphant said...

Looks great! Is it okay that I'm jealous of your pantry space?? Wow! I also love your new blog look. did you combine your two other blogs into this one, or do you have THREE??

Katie said...

I love my pantry space - there is a whole 3rd side not photographed that holds my placemats, cleaning supplies, light bulbs, coffee maker and such as well. I'm likely going to miss it when we have to move (house we are renting is now on the market)

I have several blogs - this being my main blog that I usually redesign every other month or so for something fresh (I'm probably going to do it again soon!) then Micah's updates as he hits milestones more often than Abby. Then another two hidden blogs that I don't use but have registered.

Lisa said...

Love the kids standing on their heads! And good work on keeping on cleaning up and cleaning out! Your pantry looks great. You can bring me anything you found that you don't think you'll ever use- and if there are any more of those green tea ginger ale drinks bring them But don't go buy any more- I didn't love them that much and there are lots of Sonics nearby!