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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Quiet time

In the midst of the organizing/cleaning out we've been doing the past two weeks we emptied a basket I had in my room and that has become our quiet time basket. This means all the quiet time activities - games, coloring things and such that were just mostly stacked on top of my armoire now have a home. This seemed to be more fun for Abby today because she had more freedom to pick which she wanted instead of whichever one or two activities I got out for her. I'll still rotate some activities in/out of the basket so she doesn't see the same ones all the time but will keep 2-3 in the basket at a time. 
Quiet time is the time usually between 1-3 were Micah is taking his nap. Generally Abby has time to play with her toys in her room/playroom while I get Micah to sleep then once Micah is out Abby and I will pull out a quiet time activity to do together - either something from the items in the basket or other days we'll do a craft project. Then the last part of quiet time she'll get to watch a tv program (Sesame Street or Clifford.) Now I'll admit there are days where we got up early and I can tell she is sleepy and I'm tired that the first part is a lot shorter compared to the second part but in general we try not to spend all of quiet time stuck in front of the tv.  
The first thing Abby picked was her letter, shape, number activity book. We worked on writing her name - which she can spell by herself and can also write it but she used to write it really well but her b's need a little more practice lately. 
She also without prompting wrote the number 3 and told me it was a 3 because that's how old she is. We need to start working on 4 because she won't be 3 too much longer!
Next we played with a cool toy that Abby got for Christmas. It has all these pattens, shoelace type strings and plastic pieces to thread those through to poke into a soft board with holes to make all the different pictures. 
We hadn't done this toy in a while and she seemed to really enjoy this toy this time. Much more so than last time I pulled it out. She could easily thread the string through the 'needles' and would follow along with my help of where to poke them in to make the pattern.  

I enjoy spending this special quiet time doing activities with Abby and I think she really enjoys it as well. 

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