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Friday, July 16, 2010

Pool play date

Yesterday morning we had the chance to do something Abby's been wanting to do all summer long - go swimming with her friends. We met at Stephanie's house and walked over to the pool in her neighborhood. I made a point to bring the camera then forgot I had it until near the end so I didn't snap many pictures.

The kids started out in the baby pool and splashed around for a long time playing with the dive sticks and Abby's dive stick Princesses. Then we moved into the big pool and let them swim around.
Braxton and Nate showed Abby and Micah how they could blow bubbles in the water.
Abby much preferred to swim around in her 'cucumber' than blowing bubbles. 
Everyone seemed to have a fun time and it was a great way to get out some energy while not burning up outside!

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