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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Over the river and through the woods

To Grandmother's house we go.
The little bits and I took off after church to head to visit Gigi and Pops leaving a whole house full of peace and quiet for Beau to be able to study for the bar without little ones running around in the playroom above him or him having to be kicked out of the house to the library.

My view of Abby:
My view of Micah: 
And their sweet faces when we are stopped: 

Hours in the car to reach our destination: 7
Potty breaks taken: 3
Hours napped by the baby: 2 
Rainstorms driven through: 2
Number of random for no reason slowing down to 20 mph: 2
Detours taken because of a closed interstate: 1 
Number of times we stopped because of a crying baby: 0
Number of little ones super excited to see Gigi and Pops: 2

I'd say that's a pretty successful trip to take alone with two little ones. Both Abby and Micah did fantastic in the car. The only time Micah cried was in the very first hour of the trip when he got whacked in the head with a toy because Abby was trying to keep him from going to sleep. After that he got to take his nap until we reached Bucees at which point I interrupted him for potty break #1 and he took another hour long nap later in the drive.

(Of course all pictures were taken while stopped after potty break #3 and NOT while driving!)

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Anonymous said...

cute pics!!!