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Friday, July 30, 2010

Morning at the pool

This morning we skipped the gym. I like the Friday morning bootcamp class but Abby really wanted to go swimming. We packed a picnic and off we went. Abby enjoyed splashing and swimming around in her 'cucumber' (that would be her pool ring for those of you who don't speak Abby.) 
Micah and I also spent a long time getting splashed in the face while Abby jumped to us over and over. This was a big accomplishment for her because normally she doesn't like jumping. She spent time jumping to Gigi and Pops with her cucumber while we were visiting them but today she jumped without the cucumber. 
She even dunked her face under on the stairs a couple times! 
After nap time Daddy came home and we hung out and he played legos with Abby and Micah while I finished Abby's birthday banner. It's hung and looks great! One more thing checked off the birthday party prep list! 

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