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Monday, July 12, 2010

Menu Monday {revised version}

We ended up switching around and mixing together some of last week's dinner so some of this week's menu is going to sound kinda familiar if you read last week's. 

Monday - Pork tenderloin, twice baked potatoes
Tuesday - Home made pizza 
Wednesday - Mojito chicken
Thursday - Kabobs 
Friday - Leftovers

So even before posting this I had taken out the pork tenderloin to thaw. The kids and I went off to the gym then the pool and Beau was just going to season it and throw it in the oven. Only when he opened it he found it had spoiled. He then looked to discover that it had the HEB label with one date {July 14} over the previous date that it packaged with {July 8} so now we had spoiled meat baked potatoes and thawed rolls ready to eat. Off to HEB we headed. Beau talked to the manager, gave him a little earful (being that he does work in a different HEB in the meat department and knows the policies) and got refunded for the spoiled meat. Since we were all hungry with side dishes that were nearly ready we also picked up a rotisserie chicken so we didn't have to wait on something to cook.  Beau also found another pork tenderloin we had in the back of the freezer and started to try to thaw it while we were swimming but it wasn't thawing quickly so I'm going to redo the menu now....

Monday Rotisserie chicken, twice baked potatoes
Tuesday Pork tenderloin
Wednesday Dinner with Beau's parents
Thursday  Mojito chicken
Friday - Leftovers (or breakfast for dinner if we don't have any)


1 comment :

Lisa said...

Yuck!! So sorry about the pork! I can't believe they did that!!!