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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Lupes Tortilla

We took a quick trip today to have lunch with Gigi. We decided on eating at Lupe Tortilla can you say yum? If you live in the Houston area (which is practically exactly half-way between Gigi and us so a good meeting place for lunch - but still a bit of a hike for both of us but well worth it) and haven't been then you are missing out. It's yummy! (Yea I know I said that already but what can I say it's that good) Beau pretended to be upset I said they were better than his fajitas but he really admitted to me they are tasty and he only tasted them in leftover form. A quick peek of the website says there will soon (how soon does soon mean exactly?) be a location in San Antonio (and Austin) yay! 

Not only is there good food - at this location (and I hope the others) there is a nice play area for the little ones. Something they really needed after a long car ride and another long car ride to get back home after lunch was over. It was outside but it was half covered and they had some nice fans so it was tolerable to play for a good while. 

Micah only ate a little bit of sand. Both kids had a blast and got out lots of energy which was good for the ride home. Micah slept for 2 hours on the ride home which means he ended up sleeping for half of the time in the car today when added with his nap on the way there. Abby even slept for an hour on the way home (which of course means she is having trouble falling asleep tonight but that's okay.) 

It was great to see Gigi and Abby got some special birthday surprises for her big day tomorrow! 


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