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Saturday, July 24, 2010

last adventures with Gigi

The second to last day we were visiting with Gigi and Pops (Thursday) we headed to the beyond amazingly huge park on the lake front. It's a huge wooden playground with different 'buildings' representing things local to the area. 
Two painted gators guard the entrance to the playground. 
We didn't get a chance to play very long. We had just gotten in the big church structure with a huge slide in it when the rain came and it came hard! We hid in the building for about 5 minutes until it calmed enough to get to the car without being soaking wet. We still wanted to  have some playtime so we headed for the mall and hoped there would be an indoor play area. Thankfully there was. 

After playing we ate some CFA for lunch then we pressed our luck and headed for Kohls as I had a $10 off coupon. After about 10 minutes of shopping through the exercise wear Micah just melted down. He screamed, bent his little body back as far as it could go and was unconsolable so we left. We had to head out through the food court. As Gigi was passing me the keys to take the still screaming baby out to the car she said she'd stop and get a treat. Instantly hearing the word treat Micah stopped. Not just calmed a little into small sobs but was quiet and almost happy. 

So Friday before we left for our long drive home we headed back to the play ground to actually get to play and go down the big slide. I wasn't sure if Abby would like the huge slide as it's bigger than any she's ever gone down before but she did and she went down it several times. 
Then we moved on and explored the rest of the playground. We stayed for a little over 30 or so minutes but it was so hot outside that we couldn't stay any longer. We'll have to head back and try this playground again in the fall when it isn't so hot. 


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