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Thursday, July 15, 2010

grilled pizza

We fired up the grill tonight for something that you wouldn't ordinarily put on the grilled. I made my usual PW's pizza dough then I split it in 5 sections - 1 for breadsticks and then the other 4 into small pizzas. Beau grilled 3 of the 4. We discovered in grilling the first one because of the thinness of the dough the pepperonis (yes I'm boring and really only like pepperoni or cheese pizza) didn't get quite enough time to cook. For the next two we precooked the pepperonis a little in a pan on the side burner while Beau grilled the first side of the dough before adding toppings.  
It wasn't too difficult to do - just make sure to oil the grates well so the dough doesn't stick. Yummy too! 
The last pizza Beau cooked the traditional way because he wanted a buffalo chicken pizza and without precooking the chicken it would have never cooked on the grill in the short time the dough needs to be grilled. 

It was a pretty yummy dinner! You should try it some day! I promise making your own pizza is so simple and it's delicious! {And likely fewer calories than delivery!} 

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