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Friday, July 02, 2010

Fit Friday

Trying out something new here.... two new things in one week. We'll see if they stay around. 

I've made it to the gym 4 out of 5 days so far this week and have plans to hit the gym again tomorrow morning which would give me 5 out of 7 days for the week. 

Monday - I did a 30 minute kettle bell/functional training class. It's designed to be pretty intense so I didn't do anything else besides that. 
Tuesday - Body Combat - an hour long kick boxing/martial arts style class. 
Wednesday - skipped to go swimming in the morning before the storms hit and I have a hard time motivating myself to go in the afternoons so no gym for the day.
Thursday - Didn't make it in the morning - the reason why being here (read only if you don't have a weak tummy) but I did make it in the evening to a kettle bell class. The trainer for this one didn't make it as intense so I felt like I didn't get as long/hard of a work out in as I would have liked but I had to head home for dinner. 
Friday - Bootcamp today - an hour of circuit training - a lot of arms and shoulders today not as much running as next week but she already warned us next week will have more running (Trying to convince my self not to skip next week after that warning as I don't like running!) I did more weight than I normally would do in a Body Pump class but we did shorter intervals of working each exercise (1 minute vs 3-5 minutes) I felt I did pretty well and am glad in a way that Micah isn't heavier than he is because my arms are toasted! 
Saturday - Planning on going to Body Combat then maybe hitting the pool with the kids if the weather isn't miserable. 

Any one want to join me in my fight to look fit? This week it was all about hitting the gym and following the menu I laid out for the week. Maybe it's not the healthiest/lowest in calories but it's all cooked at home and that's better than eating out! Maybe next week I'll focus on more healthy eating... who knows. It's my blog so I can focus this on what I choose. Though just sticking with the gym isn't changing the scale as fast as I would like despite getting stronger and a little more toned in some areas. I did lose a few inches over the past umm...year but the scale didn't agree as strongly as I would have liked it to and the post baby belly doesn't seem to want to go away. Seems we have an odd situation here can't get the baby to gain weight fast enough but the hubby and I don't lose as much or as fast as we would like.

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