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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Flash Mob

I hadn't heard of a flash mob seeing Jamie Oliver set one up in his Food Revolution. It was pretty neat to watch his on tv so this idea seems pretty cool. 
I'm almost kinda bummed I can't make it to Austin to participate. I'd go but the mandatory rehearsal beforehand is at 11 before we get out of church and I can't possibly make it up there for that with the drive to Austin. I'm hoping to see it on the news or at least on a website somewhere after it happens. 

Lupes Tortilla

We took a quick trip today to have lunch with Gigi. We decided on eating at Lupe Tortilla can you say yum? If you live in the Houston area (which is practically exactly half-way between Gigi and us so a good meeting place for lunch - but still a bit of a hike for both of us but well worth it) and haven't been then you are missing out. It's yummy! (Yea I know I said that already but what can I say it's that good) Beau pretended to be upset I said they were better than his fajitas but he really admitted to me they are tasty and he only tasted them in leftover form. A quick peek of the website says there will soon (how soon does soon mean exactly?) be a location in San Antonio (and Austin) yay! 

Not only is there good food - at this location (and I hope the others) there is a nice play area for the little ones. Something they really needed after a long car ride and another long car ride to get back home after lunch was over. It was outside but it was half covered and they had some nice fans so it was tolerable to play for a good while. 

Micah only ate a little bit of sand. Both kids had a blast and got out lots of energy which was good for the ride home. Micah slept for 2 hours on the ride home which means he ended up sleeping for half of the time in the car today when added with his nap on the way there. Abby even slept for an hour on the way home (which of course means she is having trouble falling asleep tonight but that's okay.) 

It was great to see Gigi and Abby got some special birthday surprises for her big day tomorrow! 


Friday, July 30, 2010

Morning at the pool

This morning we skipped the gym. I like the Friday morning bootcamp class but Abby really wanted to go swimming. We packed a picnic and off we went. Abby enjoyed splashing and swimming around in her 'cucumber' (that would be her pool ring for those of you who don't speak Abby.) 
Micah and I also spent a long time getting splashed in the face while Abby jumped to us over and over. This was a big accomplishment for her because normally she doesn't like jumping. She spent time jumping to Gigi and Pops with her cucumber while we were visiting them but today she jumped without the cucumber. 
She even dunked her face under on the stairs a couple times! 
After nap time Daddy came home and we hung out and he played legos with Abby and Micah while I finished Abby's birthday banner. It's hung and looks great! One more thing checked off the birthday party prep list! 

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Random ramblings

After being gone for almost a week I've spent this week doing two things 1) catching up on laundry and 2) party prep for Abby's birthday party next week. Oh and hitting the gym.

Laundry is halfway caught up.

Party prep is mostly done though. Decor and plates/napkins/ect are purchased. Sunday/Monday I'll be baking away making cookies and cake. Monday evening I'll prep the fruit tray and veggie tray. Party favors are mostly ready to go. The birthday banner is halfway done. I'm excited and am hoping all her friends get to join the birthday girl to play!

And the best news of all - the Bar exam is over! Yippie! We get Beau back full time now (well minus work, the gym and Ranger baseball but that's life!) Now we wait until November for the results...

I can't believe I'll have a 4 year old on Sunday! I need to go birthday present shopping. She's past the age where I can sneak something without her seeing it if she is with me. Normally this is where my savy internet shopping comes in handy but I am having trouble deciding what to get her so too late for savy internet shopping this time around.

I hope everyone is having a good week so far - it's already more than halfway over!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bug house

Yesterday we had dinner at Grandma and Grandpa's to celebrate Uncle Kevin's birthday. As we hung out talking inside Abby headed into the toy bin and came out with a bug house. As Grandpa was grilling the fajitas for dinner Abby somehow convinced him she needed something in her bug house.
Any guesses as to what he caught?
A frog! And a pretty big one at that!
After grandpa put the stone back over the frog hiding hole, Micah tried to lift it to peek under again. I think he wanted one for himself.
Abby was very pleased to have her frog held captive so she could play with him. She did try to let him out to play in the boat with her but he jumped down through the crack and Grandpa had to catch him again because she was so upset about it.
Both kids really enjoyed looking at the frog and I think I know what we'll be doing again next time we go to Grandma and Grandpa's. Hope you're ready to catch another one Grandpa.


Monday, July 26, 2010

Menu Monday

What's for dinner this week....
fruit, fruit and more fruit. 
Well more than that but I did buy lots of fruit at the grocery yesterday so we'll be eating lots of it this week. That's okay because the little bit LOVES fruit. We got cherries, blackberries, cantaloupe, nectarines (smelled delicious at the store and that is the case Micah and I shared on at breakfast), and pineapple. 

Monday: Heading to Grandma and Grandpa's for Uncle Kevin's birthday dinner sans Daddy to give him some last quiet study time before the bar exam begins tomorrow. (Had fajitas off the grill - yum!)

For lunch today I tried Mac and Cheese bites. I made it without the chicken (because I didn't have any thawed/cooked to throw in) and with the cheese I had in the fridge which wasn't cheddar so we'll see if the kids like them. 
Update: Abby and Micah both really enjoyed them. Even Beau said they were yummy. After I told him I didn't use cheddar he said they'd probably be better with that. Best of all I have many leftover in the fridge/freezer for a couple more lunches. 

Tuesday: BBQ chicken (in the oven or grill pan not the grill)




I'm drawing a blank right now as to what we'll have the rest of the week so I'm going to come back to this later. :)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Birthday invites {sneak peek}

Here's a sneak peek at the super cute invites I've made for Abby's birthday party coming up soon! I cut these out using the Silhouette SD and it was so easy to use and make. (Though I did make the boys swim suits a tad too small because I forgot and sized them based on the girl's paper doll body instead of the boys - oops! You can't really see them in the finished product anyway so it's okay.) 
I can't wait to show you the finished invite and the rest of the party details but you'll have to wait for those!

last adventures with Gigi

The second to last day we were visiting with Gigi and Pops (Thursday) we headed to the beyond amazingly huge park on the lake front. It's a huge wooden playground with different 'buildings' representing things local to the area. 
Two painted gators guard the entrance to the playground. 
We didn't get a chance to play very long. We had just gotten in the big church structure with a huge slide in it when the rain came and it came hard! We hid in the building for about 5 minutes until it calmed enough to get to the car without being soaking wet. We still wanted to  have some playtime so we headed for the mall and hoped there would be an indoor play area. Thankfully there was. 

After playing we ate some CFA for lunch then we pressed our luck and headed for Kohls as I had a $10 off coupon. After about 10 minutes of shopping through the exercise wear Micah just melted down. He screamed, bent his little body back as far as it could go and was unconsolable so we left. We had to head out through the food court. As Gigi was passing me the keys to take the still screaming baby out to the car she said she'd stop and get a treat. Instantly hearing the word treat Micah stopped. Not just calmed a little into small sobs but was quiet and almost happy. 

So Friday before we left for our long drive home we headed back to the play ground to actually get to play and go down the big slide. I wasn't sure if Abby would like the huge slide as it's bigger than any she's ever gone down before but she did and she went down it several times. 
Then we moved on and explored the rest of the playground. We stayed for a little over 30 or so minutes but it was so hot outside that we couldn't stay any longer. We'll have to head back and try this playground again in the fall when it isn't so hot. 


Friday, July 23, 2010

New toy!

We've made it home from Gigi's house and I have quickly thrown myself into birthday prep! Someone specials 4th birthday is coming up quickly and I have yet to get out invitations. I have the cutest idea for the invites and I've had quite a lot of fun putting them together tonight. Normally I like to play around in photoshop and make my own photo invites but this time I'm doing the cutest paper invite. I can't wait to share it with ya'll!

It's been so easy to create to using the new toy Gigi and I are sharing and I get to play with it first to make this invites. Thanks Gigi - it's awesome! This is the Silhouette machine. So far it's like the best scrapbooking tool ever.
Silhouette SD Digital Craft Cutting Tool (QuicKutz) (You can click the picture if you want to find out more for yourself!)
I've only just begun delving into what this little machine can do and I'm already impressed. It can cut paper, vinyl, you can print some images then cut them and it will remember where to cut them, cut heat transfer images - I think family reunion shirts are next on my agenda to investigate if I can make some for our second family reunion trip to the Rangers baseball game. I just took the machine out of the box today and am already almost done with my first project (not a moment too soon since Abby's birthday is right around the corner!) Best thing about this machine so far: the fact that you don't need cartridges you can just find whatever you are searching for without having to go to the store for a whole cartridge that may have more than what you need/would ever use.

Pictures from our last adventure in Lake Charles and maybe an invite preview coming tomorrow - it's too late and I'm tired from our long day to get them up tonight.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Park picnic!

Yesterday morning after feeding the turtles we took off on an adventure. We headed to a park nearby where there was a spray park to beat the heat there.

However neither Abby nor Micah were too impressed with the spray too. Maybe too crowded for their taste? Micah played with his car driving it on the bench for a while. So we picked up our bags and moved to the playground (that we had to ourselves since it was so hot!)

After playing hard we had a picnic. Sandwiches, apples, cherries, chips, yogurt, and fruit mashups. It worked out wonderfully since I took the fruit mashups and froze one for each of the kids along with the squeeze-able yogurts (Horizon Organic brands - no artificial coloring in those!) so they were nice and cold still when the kids were ready to eat. Perfect for a picnic on a hot day! 


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Feeding the ducks turtles

We started the morning by feeding the turtles some breakfast. We fed them last night and Abby loved it so we had to do it again!

Micah threw some bread in to the turtles as well but I can't get a picture of him and hold him at the same time as we don't want him to fall into the water!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Gigi and Pops have a putting green near the apartment they are currently living in. I brought the kids golf clubs and we took them out to 'golf' this afternoon. Abby liked to really whack at the ball and Micah just likes to bang the club on the ground and walk around with it. They both really enjoy the clubs though! 

Even duck came golfing today. :) If you didn't see the new post on Micah's blog check it out and read all about duck.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Swimming and a rainbow

Last night when we got to Gigi's house the kids had some dinner then they were really excited and wound up. They were running circles around the apartment. So we decided to head to the pool. While we were there we saw a beautiful rainbow. 


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Over the river and through the woods

To Grandmother's house we go.
The little bits and I took off after church to head to visit Gigi and Pops leaving a whole house full of peace and quiet for Beau to be able to study for the bar without little ones running around in the playroom above him or him having to be kicked out of the house to the library.

My view of Abby:
My view of Micah: 
And their sweet faces when we are stopped: 

Hours in the car to reach our destination: 7
Potty breaks taken: 3
Hours napped by the baby: 2 
Rainstorms driven through: 2
Number of random for no reason slowing down to 20 mph: 2
Detours taken because of a closed interstate: 1 
Number of times we stopped because of a crying baby: 0
Number of little ones super excited to see Gigi and Pops: 2

I'd say that's a pretty successful trip to take alone with two little ones. Both Abby and Micah did fantastic in the car. The only time Micah cried was in the very first hour of the trip when he got whacked in the head with a toy because Abby was trying to keep him from going to sleep. After that he got to take his nap until we reached Bucees at which point I interrupted him for potty break #1 and he took another hour long nap later in the drive.

(Of course all pictures were taken while stopped after potty break #3 and NOT while driving!)