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Monday, June 07, 2010

weekend recap - Not me edition

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

1. Friday - date night ! 
Friday started out with a playdate which we ended when Micah showed he wasn't feeling too well. He seemed warm but didn't have a high fever or anything. He remained off for the rest of the day but not off enough to cancel our date. Beau's parents had given him/us a gift card to the movies and a gift card to Stone Werks plus a night of babysitting for his graduation and we were ready to use it! They came off and we went to see The Killers which I really enjoyed. Beau maybe not quite as much but it was right up my type of movies alley. Then we called to check in on the little ones. Micah was napping on Grandma when we called (at 6:45 - 15 minutes before his normal bedtime.) So on we went to enjoy our dinner. It was a great night out. 

2. Saturday
Saturday was pretty normal. We skipped the gym just in case Micah was still off and because they were launching Body Flow instead of the normal class (Body Pump and Body Combat) so I knew the floor was likely to be crowded as were the classes. Abby, Micah and I went shopping to kill some time in the morning and give Beau time to do some Barbri homework. Saturday after nap was spent working in the Church nursery as usual. Micah got moved up into the 13-24 month room hoping that would mean Mrs. Heidi wouldn't have to walk him around almost the whole hour. He's been walking for almost 3 months now so he was bored and walking all over all the other babies in the 3-12 month class. It was not me that has the problem child that only wants Mommy each week. I suppose next week I'll be working in his class instead of teaching my normal 2 year old class. I do find it interesting that he does fine Sunday mornings. I'd blame it on the time of the evening except I've been to the gym at that time with no issues. 

Look at that face - that's not the face of a trouble maker is it?

3. Sunday
Sunday morning started out quite interesting. We got up and got everyone dressed in time to leave for the 8:30 service. Beau had to be at work at 11 am and I had nursery duty for the 10 am so neither one of us would have been able to attend the 10 am service. We did not plan it to leave in time to get donuts because we don't feed our kids all that sugar for breakfast. Nope not us! It was also not us that seemed to have forgotten the whole having to be in two different places at about the same time. It was not us that in not thinking about that only drove one car to the 8:30 service - realizing that fact when we were 2/3rds of the way there. So it was not us that drove back home skipping that service since it was too late to just go home and get the truck. The kids and I went back for my nursery duty and Beau headed to work. 

Sunday afternoon after nap/rest time - Abby, Micah and I went to Sea World to be able to spin the wheel for the pass member savings. The ultimate prize (1 section of an 8 section wheel) was a Lowe's gift card. I spun and won a planner. Which ended up being kinda cute (new post on what that planner is being used for later this week!) Everyone with a season pass who showed up to spin the wheel (some of whom waited almost two hours to try to win a prize - which in this case was really not me who did that - we were in an out in about 20 minutes with our prize!) also received a cup that you could get 99 cent refills in (like our souvenir bottles with straws) and a free day admission to bring someone with you once during a week day. I'd consider that in itself a win! After spinning the wheel we hit the new Azul show which the kids love, the spray park area then the play ground (the new playground they just finished a couple weeks ago rocks!), the sea lions and finally the dolphins. It was a great couple hours spent at Sea World - despite the heat. It was not me who felt like I was drenched in sweat not 20 minutes after we got into the park. Oh the summer is going to be hot! 

It was in all a good weekend!

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