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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Toddler Preschooler Miscommunication 

Abby about gave me a near jump out of my seat what moment during lunch today. Her imaginary friends were over (this happens quite a bit recently and I'm loving her imagination!) and she told me they went outside to swing. So I asked her what their names are. 
At first she said I don't know. 

Then she said their names were Honey and Bench. Only the way she pronounced Bench did not sound like she said bench. It sounded very much in fact like she said something that I can only hope will never come out of her sweet little mouth. 

In my first response thinking she had said a word that isn't used in our house and that I would hope no kids her age were saying was to ask her where she learned it. Then she said I learned it at school. Which is another one of her imaginary play time things where she pretends to go to school in excitement over the fact that she'll start preschool come fall. 

Then on asking her the name of her friends again it finally became clear to me she was not using foul language as the name of one of her friends but instead he was named Bench. 

1 comment :

Bird's Eye View Photography said...

LOL! Oh yes. this has happened at our house too. Though I have to admit the real thing (not that particular word but others)has crept out of my boys mouths occasionally.

It is mortifying! Luckily they forget them and we move on.